Exclusive: Macaulay Culkin Returning For New Home Alone Movie

Macaulay Culkin is returning to Home Alone in a new movie for Disney+.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Two of the most classic Christmas movies are Home Alone and Home Alone 2, which would lead to some underwhelming sequels, mostly because Macaulay Culkin was not involved. However, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Macaulay Culkin is set to return for a new Home Alone movie for Disney+. We would imagine that Culkin’s character might not be the one setting the traps this time around, but he is returning to his best franchise.

The most recent Home Alone offering was Home Sweet Home Alone, which was the sixth movie in the franchise, and starred Archie Yates as Max Mercer. Max defends his house in the same booby-trap manner, but the entire ordeal is just a big misunderstanding. The universe does bring in some older characters, as Devin Raytray appears as Officer Buzz McCallister, and even drops the knowledge that Macaulay Culkin’s Kevin owns a security company.

We are not sure if this information is now canon, but Macaulay Culkin returning as the CEO of a successful security company in the Home Alone franchise would be amazing. He might leave his own child home on accident, which leads them to create their own chaos with traps, having to thwart would-be criminals trying to rob Kevin’s house. This is just speculation, as we are not sure what the plot of the new movie is going to be.

Macaulay Culkin, Home Alone reunion

We are barely in February of 2023, so Macaulay Culkin returning for this Home Alone movie could mean that we are going to be seeing it premiere sometime in the holiday months. There has not yet been a formal announcement, but Disney could be keeping this information a secret for now, until everything is fully confirmed. We would hope to see some more classic characters return to the fold as well.

Oddly enough, Joe Pesci did state a few months ago that he would be willing to return to the Home Alone universe, and he has also been ramping up his acting roles as of late. Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern returning for another movie together would be amazing. The Wet Bandits (Harry and Marv), might finally have escaped prison only to want to enact justice on Kevin for putting them there.

If this proposed story would move forward, it would mean that Macaulay Culkin would have to take center stage again to create traps to catch his most hated rivals once again, which wouldn’t be the worst idea. However, another interesting idea would be Kevin using current technology to mess with Harry and Marv. Considering they have been in prison for this long, they would have no idea how to combat it.

We are certainly coming up with too many ideas on how Macaulay Culkin’s return to Home Alone would pan out, but we are just excited that he is finally returning. Disney+ might be making more of a formal announcement in the coming months, but you heard this huge news here first. Just be on the lookout for the Wet Bandits.