Exclusive: Krysten Ritter Getting New Jessica Jones Show On Disney+

We've exclusively learned that Krysten Ritter's new Jessica Jones series is coming to Disney+.

By Faith McKay | Published

Krysten Ritter

Marvel has The Defenders back under their own power. Their shows ended on Netflix a while ago and fans want to know their futures, particularly that of Jessica Jones. Thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we have now learned that Krysten Ritter is getting a new Jessica Jones series on Disney+.

Previously, Jessica Jones earned a lot of praise on Netflix. While we were able to learn that Disney+ will see Krysten Ritter reprise her role, we haven’t learned what other decisions they’ve made as they bring the new series onto their streaming service. The Defenders characters on Netflix had a decidedly darker and more violent tone than a lot of the series we see on Disney+. While bringing the same actress back implies that we can expect a similar tone in the new series, fans are going to be incredibly curious to see how the new streaming service handles this series. Melissa Rosenberg was the creator of the series on Netflix. We haven’t been able to learn if she’s yet attached to the new project.

We have some insights on how Marvel may handle Krysten Ritter’s reboot based on reports about The Punisher. A while back, we exclusively reporter than our sources learned of Marvel’s plans to bring back Jon Bernthal to play Frank Castle in a new Punisher series. Our report was recently confirmed. From what we’ve heard, the new Punisher series sounds like Frank Castle will be the same character, but with a fresh start in his new series. So while the actor is the same, there won’t be references to past events from his series on Netflix. It’s likely we can expect the same from Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones when it appears on Disney+.

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While a reboot where previous events haven’t happened may not be exactly what fans of the original series want, keeping the actress and the same character is likely what fans are most interested in seeing. We’ll be watching for more details to come out about the new series. On Netflix, Krysten Ritter’s character started the series off as an ex-superhero now a private detective, restarting her life. It seems most likely that the new Jessica Jones series will meet her character at a different point in her timeline, possibly one that interconnects for other stories on Disney+ so there could be crossovers. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if we see Jessica Jones appear on other series first. As a private detective, she could easily appear on She-Hulk, which is being described as a legal comedy series.

Disney+ has shown a dedication to getting the original actors back for their roles. It’s going to be interesting to see if other key characters and actors appear on Jessica Jones alongside Krysten Ritter. Will Carrie-Anne Moss appear as Jeri Hogarth? Will they go so far as to bring back David Tennant as Kilgrave? Bringing him back may move them into a territory of retelling the same story, so they may need to introduce new side actors and characters to keep the Jessica Jones reboot fresh. Certainly, this is going to be an interesting challenge for Disney+ to take on.