Exclusive: Kid Flash Series In Development At HBO Max

We've exclusively learned that a Kid Flash series is in development for HBO Max.

By Faith McKay | Published

kid flash

Ezra Miller has been quite busy as The Flash so far, making a number of appearances on the big screen and even on The CW in their Arrowverse. Slowly but surely, The Flash is becoming a larger part of the DC Extended Universe. Now, DC is making plans to grow that even further. Giant Freakin Robot has exclusively learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that a Kid Flash series is in development for HBO Max.

Kid Flash has been in the comics since 1959 and the title has been held by a number of different characters over the years. We were unable to learn which character they’ll be using for the upcoming HBO Max series. When Kid Flash first appeared on The CW, they created the character using inspiration from both Wally West and Wallace West. In the comics, Bart Allen has also been an important character to hold the Kid Flash moniker. Using a combination of source material, and naming the character Wally West, seems like the most likely path they’ll take for their new series, but we’ll have to wait for more updates to confirm their character plans for the title.

kid flash the cw
Kid Flash on The CW

Once they establish their Kid Flash character, it’s going to be interesting to see how they handle this new HBO Max series. There are DC shows that aren’t part of the DC Extended Universe, and ones that may be part of it but we never see the characters crossover. Right now, DC is planning movies for their streaming service like Blue Beetle and Batgirl. Will characters from the HBO Max movies appear in the new Kid Flash series? Will characters from the big screen films, like Ezra Miller’s Flash, appear in the new series? We don’t have answers to these questions yet, but they’re interesting ones. With Marvel, the answer is always clear. The shows on Disney+ all tie together as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can never be sure with DC.

It’s interesting to see the studio building out The Flash with this new character. In the comics, they created Kid Flash after they saw how popular Robin was for Batman. Right now, DC is developing some of their younger superhero characters, like Batgirl, Supergirl, and Superboy, so it would seem like they’re planning to have them meet in different projects. It won’t be surprising if they’re building up to a team-up film in the coming years for at least some of these characters. In fact, it’ll feel like a missed opportunity if they don’t.

At this point, we know that a Kid Flash series is in development at HBO Max. Since this means the project is still in its early stages, we don’t yet know how soon we can expect to see the series premiere on the streaming service. Batgirl, the movie, was only announced this summer, and yet it’s expected to premiere at some point in 2022. It has seemed like DC is moving fairly quickly on some of their streaming projects. Hopefully, that will be the case for Kid Flash, and we’ll be seeing an official announcement with a release date from the studio soon.