Exclusive: Hulk’s Solo Movie Is Now In Development At Marvel

By Drew Dietsch | 1 month ago


The Hulk has been something of a difficult issue for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously, the character has grown to become one of the most beloved superheroes in the Avengers lineup, and Mark Ruffalo continues to bring a ton of charisma to the role. However, the behind-the-scenes issues with the character have prevented him from ever headlining his own solo movie under the auspices of Marvel Studios. There have been rumors that Marvel Studios was able to fully reclaim the distribution rights of the character back, but nothing has been made clear publicly at this point and many fans are wondering whether or not Hulk will ever get to headline his own solo movie under the Marvel Studios banner.

We decided to ring up one of our insider sources who has proven to be right a number of times with other scoops, and they had some surprising news for us. They did some digging and came back saying that there are plans in motion for a solo Hulk movie over at Marvel Studios. They were unable to confirm what the plot of the movie would be, but the biggest contender has been the often rumored World War Hulk storyline. However, that was not the biggest piece of news we got when we decided to see what our insider had to say. They also said that this solo movie would be part of a launching point for multiple Hulks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is major news, especially since it seems like the groundwork is being laid with the upcoming She-Hulk streaming series on Disney+. We wonder if this might be how Marvel Studios will subvert or amend the distribution rights for a solo Hulk movie that were originally held by Universal Studios. Could those rights only pertain to the Bruce Banner version of the character? Does this mean that, in addition to Jennifer Walters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe could see the addition of the more modern version of the character, Amadeus Cho? And could we see a team-up movie happen out of this like we are getting with The Marvels?

red hulk

There is another facet to this news that has us very intrigued: could we also see Red Hulk make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The character was created back in 2008 and was revealed to be General Thunderbolt Ross, who already exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans would undoubtedly go wild if Red Hulk ended up becoming a major antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is this a part of the initiative to have multiple iterations of the character finally show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? At this point, we can only hope, but it would seem a waste for Marvel Studios to start introducing new Hulks and not consider bringing Red Hulk into the fold.

It is encouraging to hear that there will finally be a Marvel Studios Hulk movie. Fans have fallen in love with Mark Ruffalo’s take on Bruce Banner, and he certainly deserves more of the spotlight, but we also hope this means we will be seeing even more versions of the character than we ever expected.