Exclusive: Hugh Jackman In Talks To Join Star Wars

By Michileen Martin | 3 weeks ago

hugh jackman

Whether or not it’s in the cards for him to ever return to the role of Marvel’s Wolverine, it looks like Hugh Jackman is still on his way to a Disney-owned property. Giant Freakin Robot has learned from our trusted and proven source that Hugh Jackman is currently in talks to join the Star Wars universe. Specifically, he’s being recruited to star in one of the popular series on Disney+.

Our source did not reveal exactly which series Hugh Jackman is poised to join, though there are some intriguing possibilities. Considering his time as the rugged and no-nonsense Logan, it is easy to imagine Jackman bringing something like that persona to The Mandalorian. With the actual world of Mandalore seemingly becoming a crucial part of future seasons of the series, the prospect of Jackman playing one of Star Wars’ bounty hunters is exciting.

diego luna
Diego Luna in Andor

Andor could be another perfect place for Hugh Jackman to enter the Star Wars mythos. In fact, the timing of the news potentially makes perfect sense for the upcoming series. The first two episodes of the premiere season are scheduled to stream on Disney+ on August 31, so it’s far too late for Jackman to star appear in season 1, but it was only weeks ago that it was announced the series has already been renewed for a second season. Seems like a perfect time to start recruiting talent. And if the guy who gave us the first live-action Wolverine isn’t going to play a bounty hunter in Star Wars, it would still be easy imagine him as either an Imperial badass or a ruthless rebel along the lines of Diego Luna‘s Andor.

We could also see Hugh Jackman’s Star Wars debut being perfect in Lando. Again, with his experience playing a character like Logan who makes his own rules, he could potentially do well playing one of the space faring scoundrels destined to fill that show’s cast.

Then, of course, there’s the series that’s perhaps the most shrouded in mystery so far — Hugh Jackman could be in talks to appear in Star Wars: Acolyte. There isn’t a lot known yet about the series but it will reportedly be set earlier in the timeline — in the High Republic era — than any live-action Star Wars project so far. There’s even been speculation that the High Republic era could become the primary timeline of Star Wars moving forward. No specific actors have yet been mentioned as being attached to Acolyte, but Lucasfilm will no doubt want some big name talent in the series and Jackman would certainly fit the bill as either a hero or a villain.

Ahsoka seems the least likely landing place for Hugh Jackman in Star Wars since the series has already begun filming. Though it’s always possible that, like Andor, Lucasfilm is looking to cast for future seasons. Without more information, all we can really do at this juncture is speculate. But when we know more about Jackman’s role in the franchise, we’ll make sure you know.