Exclusive: Harry Styles In Talks For Major Netflix Deal

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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It was a bit slow to start but now seems to be gaining a groundswell in a big way, looking more and more like Harry Styles is on the path to being a true movie star. It hasn’t been the most traditional set of circumstances to get there, but the popular singer has been picking and choosing his spots on the big screen with one major franchise already in his pocket. And now, it looks there are even bigger things on the way. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that Harry Styles is in talks for a major Netflix deal that would have him starring in multiple shows and films on the streaming platform. 

It isn’t specific around what kind of series or movies Harry Styles would be making for Netflix but with a mega-deal like this one, there are a number of different avenues and possibilities. We already know that streamer has it dialed in on content users want and Styles clearly is the kind of recognizable talent the service would want to have featured in multiple projects over a number of different years. And because of Styles’ particular breadth of talent, it could involve music specials as well as scripted content. The versatility is another piece that makes this likely such a potentially advantageous partnership. 

Of course, Harry Styles is best known for his work on the music stage, having started his career performing with One Direction more than a decade ago. That has garnered him international fame and more than one or two albums sold over the years. But the time on the big screen happened almost anonymously a few years ago when he took a role in Christopher Nolans’ Dunkirk. He didn’t have an extraordinary number of lines, though more than most of the rest of the cast in the film, but it was clear he could handle himself in this kind of production. 

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And then, in a somewhat surprising move, he appeared as Eros in a post-credits scene in last year’s Eternals, officially joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This part was even smaller but signaled big things to come for Harry Styles. We’ve already had the exclusive that he had signed a five-movie deal to take a much bigger role in the MCU. Heck, when you are Thanos’s brother, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be just a one-off. It’s not exactly clear where and when these movies will be, but things are setting up for him to have a major role. 

Again, while his credited roles up until this point haven’t been anywhere close to proportional when it comes to his worldwide fame, that looks like it is set to change for Harry Styles in the relatively near future. We are sure to get more details on this Netflix deal and what it will mean for the superstar. And get prepped to see a ton of this guy in all kinds of projects on a number of different platforms.