Exclusive: Halloween Ends Plot Revealed And It’s Not Good

Through our sources, we have received the Halloween Ends plot, and it sounds quite awful.

By James Brizuela | Updated

halloween ends plot

The Halloween franchise is coming to an end. Well, that’s to say the newest reboot franchise is coming to an end. Halloween had been restarted in 2018 when the aptly titled Halloween film became a direct sequel to the original 1978 slasher. It essentially retconned the previous films and brought Jaime Lee Curtis back into the fold to take on her brother once again. The film was mostly enjoyable, which then lead to the Halloween Kills sequel. The film saw Michael Myers increase his body count by a large margin when he returns home to enact revenge on Laurie and those celebrating 40 years since his capture and containment. The citizens of Provincetown banded together to kill Michael, and they do a good job by nearly beating him to death but are unsuccessful in the end. This leads us to the third and final trilogy film. Through our trusted and proven sources, we can report on the Halloween Ends plot, and it is quite awful.

For those who do not want spoilers, look away immediately. The rest of this article will contain heavy spoilers for the Halloween Ends plot. The plot for the film seems to not follow Laurie Strode (Jaime Lee Curtis) and Allyson. Instead, a new character emerges named Corey. Corey is being bullied by the neighborhood kids when he stumbles across a very weak and injured Michael Myers. Myers is hiding from the citizens who attempted to kill him in Halloween Kills. Corey then takes the masks and becomes the pseudo Michael Myers. He goes after those who have bullied him, and presumably against others who have wronged him in some way. The test screenings for the film have naturally been bad because of this odd direction the final film is taking. We would agree that going off script for the final film in the trilogy is certainly not the way to go.

The issue with most of the late 1970s slashers that have gone on to produce upwards of 10 movies is that ideas begin to mesh with one another in a very odd way. Corey becoming the new Michael Myers is a bit like Halloween III: Season of the Witch. The film had nothing to do with Myers, and it was quite ridiculous. The plot of Halloween Ends leaving out Myers is likely why the test audiences have not liked the film. He is the face of the franchise and should be ending his own reboot. We do realize that he became an entity of sorts in Halloween Kills, because of Laurie’s monologue in the background while he survived a near-fatal beating. That should be what the citizens of Provincetown should be trying to figure out. How to end his terror once and for all.

Based on how poorly the film is doing with test audiences, we hope the Halloween Ends plot can somewhat be salvaged, though that is not likely to happen. The third installment of this newly rebooted franchise is meant to debut on October 14th, 2022. That would mean production would have less than two months for reshoots. That is nowhere near enough time to achieve such a daunting task. We will just have to see where the franchise goes from here.