Exclusive: Galactus Will Appear In Eternals 2

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

eternals 2

When will Galactus appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? There are a lot of villains from the comics that fans are waiting to see on screen. Galactus is one who first appeared in the comics all the way back in 1966. This has turned him into a character that helps tie all the comic stories together. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows, it needs characters like that who can bring together the many story threads fans are following today. Thanks to work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve now learned that Galactus will appear in Eternals 2.

Currently, audiences are waiting for the release of the first Eternals movie, which is right around the corner. Naturally, discussions around the sequel are already happening behind the scenes. While we were able to learn that Galactus will be in Eternals 2, we were unable to confirm if that’s the first time his character will be seen. In the comics, the character is often associated with the Fantastic Four, and their movie will likely be released before the Eternals sequel. However, it’s easy to believe the cinematic universe may be waiting to bring Galactus in for a while. He’s a big character to build to.

Previously, fans have speculated about whether Galactus is in the first Eternals movie. This was in large part due to the trailer for the movie itself. There is a large character with many eyes shown in the trailer, and after its release, the villain’s name began trending on Twitter as fans speculated that he’d be in the upcoming Marvel movie.

eternals 2 galactus
Eternals Trailer Screenshot

However, the identity of the above character remains up for debate. That may be Galactus. Again, we were able to confirm that the villain is in Eternals 2, but we were unable to learn anything about an appearance for the villain in the first film. In the first movie, if this isn’t the speculated villain, it could be Eson the Searcher. That character would make sense for the first movie, since Eson is a celestial with many bright eyes. The celestials are going to be key figures in the first movie.

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe will likely take some liberties with Galactus, he is usually a very large character who wears a helmet with a distinct silhouette. Take a look at how Fortnite captured him for their video game below. The image does a great job of showing off not only his most well-known shape, but the scale of his character compared to a school bus.


Galactus is known as the Devourer of Worlds. The intimidating moniker is well-earned. Being such a physically large character, when he gets hungry, he will occasionally eat a planet. While he’s often considered a villain, that’s not always entirely fair. He’s very old, and very large, and it’s hard for him to take the lives of other beings all that seriously. He travels around and often causes a world of trouble for Marvel’s heroes. With so many heroes in the Eternals movies, it makes sense for such a large character to be a problem they’ll need to face.

We may have a ways to go before Eternals 2 hits screens, but fans will get their first look at the heroes who will eventually face Galactus on November 5, 2021 when Marvel’s Eternals releases in theaters.