Exclusive: Finn Wolfhard Has Joined The Marvel Cinematic Universe

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

finn wolfhard

It may make some of us feel old to realize that Finn Wolfhard, the kid who plays Mike Wheeler in Netflix’s Stranger Things, is now a 19-year-old adult with a flourishing career. It doesn’t help that the show has been on pause for a while, and many of us think of his character in season one of the hit show. However, the actor is all grown up now, and he isn’t sick of Hollywood yet. He recently starred in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and with Stranger Things coming to an end after season five, his schedule is clearing up for what comes next. Thanks to some work from a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot, we’ve learned that it’s something pretty huge. Our source shared that Finn Wolfhard has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Our inside source learned that Finn Wolfhard will be in an upcoming Marvel project. He’s signed on and ready to go. At this time, that’s as much as we were able to confirm. We aren’t sure which project he’s signed on for. What role will he be taking on? Will he have a major part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We aren’t sure, though so far his career has seen him taking on big parts for major franchises, so it would seem a strong bet that he could be taking on a recurring character in multiple projects. At this point, all we know is that he’s signed on for at least one.

In 2019, Finn Wolfhard joked to ComicBook.com that he would love to play “Guy On Computer” as a background part in a Marvel movie while the heroes went about their business. It wasn’t long before rumors came up that he was cast as Young Loki. It’s easy to see why people thought that. He has the look of a reckless young Loki. When he was finally asked about it back in 2020, he said that he wasn’t cast in a role, but publicly said that if they called him, he’d be happy to sign on. Considering that he said he’d be quite pleased to play “Guy On Computer”, it sounds like he’s dreamed of being in a Marvel project for a while, so the studio likely knew that if they had the right use for him, he’d be game.

finn wolfhard young

So what is the right use for Finn Wolfhard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Those early reports that he would be cast as Loki could still be true as far as we know. Loki season two is coming. It would be fun if, after those early rumors came around a few years ago, they decided to cast Finn Wolfhard as a Variant of some measure. While Jack Veal played Kid Loki, the Multiverse has opened up a fun can of worms as these things go. However, there are plenty of other possibilities in the many known and unknown projects Marvel is working on. Could he be playing a Skrull in Secret Invasion? A mutant for the X-Men?

Audiences still think of Finn Wolfhard as younger than he is. Hopefully, his new role will help change that and open up the types of roles audiences think of him as being appropriate for.