Exclusive: Dune TV Series Title And Details Revealed

The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive has even more details about the planned Dune TV series that is set to come in this franchise

By Doug Norrie | Published


When it comes to tentpole franchises, Dune has definitely headed in that direction for Warner Bros. The first movie was a huge success, crushed it with critics and Denis Villeneuve was able to create a world that seemed to mostly align with the vision of Frank Herbert’s classic novel. And of course, things aren’t going to stop there in this world, far from it. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that there is a Dune TV series on the way and now we have even more details about how this story will unfold. 

Our source has it that the Dune TV series will be titled Sisterhood of Dune: Mindkiller (previously: Dune: The Sisterhood) and is going to focus on a very specific part of this story, around one of the more interesting groups of characters. This series will be a prequel to the Dune movie and timeline, set years and years before that story. It will center on the Bene Gesserit, the group of women in this world who have trained themselves to have nearly superhuman abilities when it comes to mind-training, coercion, and almost a genetic memory that’s passed down from generation to generation. This series will focus on this group and a faction within the Bene Gesserit that is working on stopping a more sinister force in the universe.

While no casting decisions have been made about this Dune TV series, Sisterhood of Dune: Mindkiller, there are specific archetypes the studio seems to be looking for with this one. The cast looks like it will be almost exclusively female, with around three women in their late twenties and two others who will play an older part of the group. Again, this is very broad at this point, but the story will follow this group within the Bene Gesserit in the aftermath of a massive war in the galaxy that’s destroyed much of the structure. Additionally, while the series will have the Bene Gesserit as the primary focus, others in the cast will include an Empress, a brother and sister tandem in their early 20s, someone who fits a space pirate archetype, and then the primary villain. 

It had already been reported that Diane Ademu-John would act as creator and showrunner after working as a writer and producer on Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor as well as HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and then The Originals before that. It looks like production on this show is going to ramp up this fall in October and then will continue on into early 2023 before it hits HBO Max on streaming. 

Sisterhood of Dune was a book written by Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert’s son, and was published back in 2012. If this new series follows some of the plot points of that book, and it’s likely that it will, the Bene Gesserit will be forming this group following the Butlerian Jihad, which went down about 10,000 years before the events of Dune. The plot involves concepts around technology and the idea that fledgling robotics and artificial intelligence needed to be put a stop to.