Exclusive: Darth Maul Live-Action Series In The Works

The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our proven source is that there is a Darth Maul series currently in development

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Star Wars Darth Maul

One cool thing that’s happening within the Star Wars universe right now is the focus in and around stories for characters who might not have been central pieces to the previous movies. This is such a rich and fertile landscape, with characters coming and going, having played a piece of the action without getting a true backstory in live-action form. But that’s all being corrected now through the different series coming out en masse on Disney+. And it looks like we are set to get another one. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it a Darth Maul series is now in development at the Mouse House. 

While specifics around this Darth Maul series aren’t crystal clear at this point, it’s kind of easy to see something like this coming. It very much fits the pattern of recently running, planned, and upcoming productions within the Star Wars franchise of shows on the streamer. The focus has been all about other characters who occupy a major part of the canon but haven’t gotten a dialed-in story on the big or small screen up until this point. Darth Maul definitely fits the bill here considering we got an initial, though mysterious glimpse of him in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace It added a certain layer of intrigue to that movie that there was Sith Lord out there with Jedi-adjacent powers who might just be better than all of them. 

Though it will be different in a Darth Maul series, in The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul (played by Ray Park) didn’t have all that much to say, instead choosing to walk quietly and carry a double-bladed lightsaber. And we caught up with him again briefly at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Sure, he had been cut in half by Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, but does that kind of thing really matter in a universe like this? Of course not. The way it’s been explained is that after losing his lower half at the end of The Phantom Menace, it’s been said that he had robotic spider-legs attached and was able to survive by using the force and focusing almost exclusively on his hatred of Kenobi. Much of this will likely factor into a Darth Maul series.

darth maul star wars

And we know that at the end of Solo, Darth Maul is now the leader of a Crime Syndicate, using the Force in criminal ventures rather than in pursuit of some higher evil purpose. It’s here that we start to wonder about a Darth Maul series. Could the timeline pick up after his encounter with Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn and detail his rise to crime lord? Or would it be more backstory, something more of what we’ve seen in the animated Star Wars offering like The Clone Wars?

So there are a few different directions to go with a Darth Maul series, but again, the idea of this isn’t all that surprising. After all, we are being treated to a standalone story about Boba Fest right now on Disney+. And there are plans for Ewan McGregor to reprise his Obi-Wan Kenobi role in a limited series as well. Plus, Hayden Christensen is returning for an Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader series too. Add these with the upcoming Ahsoka and you are starting to see how Star Wars is really building out its live-action universe around its many characters.