Exclusive: Damon Lindelof Star Wars Movie Has A Woman Of Color Lead Character

By James Brizuela | Published

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Earlier this month, we reported that Vin Diesel was in talks for the new Damon Lindelof Star Wars movie, but now we have even more news about the new feature. Through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that a woman of color will be the lead character in Lindelof’s new story, which is groundbreaking as Disney and Lucasfilm have not yet done so. There are no details about which era Lindelof will focus on, but there is clearly going to be a lot more diversity happening in this movie.

Damon Lindelof heading up a new Star Wars movie is fantastic, as he previously had much success working on Watchmen, Lost, and Star Trek Into Darkness. We are curious to find out who will be the leading actress in this new story, and where Lindelof is going to be pulling inspiration from. Though a woman of color will be the lead in a Star Wars movie for the first time, it is not the first time this is happening in the universe.

Rosario Dawson is set to lead the new Ahsoka series for Disney+, which will be premiering on March 12, 2023. Also, Amandla Stenberg will be leading The Acolyte series, which will debut on Disney+ on August 11, 2023. Both are women of color, and it is great that LucasFilm is now taking a more active approach in diversifying its casting choices, especially now that Damon Lindelof’s Star Wars movie is going to do the same.

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Damon Lindelof’s Star Wars movie certainly has a wealth of lore to choose from, but fans have been begging for a story to exist in the Old Republic era. The previously mentioned The Acolyte series will be taking place in the High Republic era, leaving out the Old Republic to finally make its way onto the big screen. While most of the Old Republic storylines were deemed to be “non-canon” they were brought back in Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker when Darth Revan’s name was briefly mentioned.

Darth Revan was the main protagonist in the hugely popular Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, and has since appeared in other properties, though the storied Sith Lord has not yet made his way into any sort of series or movie. We wouldn’t assume that Damon Lindelof would make Revan a woman in his Star Wars movie, but we would certainly be on board if that were to happen. Any live-action property that brings in Revan, albeit with a new creative turn, would be fine with us.

Plot details about this new Damon Lindelof Star Wars movie are likely not going to be so easily accessible until casting announcements begin to be released. However, our previous reports have attached Vin Diesel to the new movie, meaning Lindelof could be aiming to have a more star-studded affair. We would love to see Diesel take on the role of a Wookie along with his own Han Solo type of character added, and a woman of color would be great to be the next great smuggler showcased in the Star Wars universe.