Exclusive: Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars Future Revealed

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

daisy ridley

Daisy Ridley landed the role of a lifetime when she got to play Rey in the latest Star Wars trilogy. While it is fair to say fan reactions to the last Star Wars movie were mixed, that doesn’t take away from Daisy Ridley’s work as an actress. With Mark Hamill reprising his role as Luke Skywalker many times over the years, many have asked what the future holds for Rey. Will we see her again? Was Rise of Skywalker really her true and final ending? Months ago, Giant Freakin Robot exclusively reported that we heard Daisy Ridley was in talks to return to Star Wars. Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has a major update for us.

Our source shared that Daisy Ridley has signed on for three Star Wars projects. We can report that this means she’s returning to the Star Wars universe and has signed her contract to do so. However, we were unable to learn the specifics of what projects she’ll be working on. Will these projects be movies? Is Daisy Ridley doing more voice work for animated projects? Is she going to make another trilogy as the lead character? How central will Rey be in these stories? Will there be a TV show? These are all great questions that we wish we knew the answers to. The information we can report is fairly huge though, and quite a relief to those who appreciate Ridley’s acting skills and what she brought to the universe.

Daisy Ridley has previously indicated that after her last appearance as Rey, she was having a difficult time signing on for new projects in Hollywood. Too many people saw her as her former character. There was baggage. She felt that was hindering her career, but valued the time it gave her to process everything she’d gone through while in the spotlight with Star Wars. It sounds like both Lucasfilm and the actress are ready to dive into those massive experiences yet again. What is that going to look like?

daisy ridley star wars

It makes the most sense that whatever project she signs on for, we will see Rey after The Rise of Skywalker. Hopefully in something live-action, that tells more of her story, but we can only hope and speculate on that. While they could de-age Daisy Ridley as they’ve done for Mark Hamill, that seems unlikely. In the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, we saw Rey travel through time and visit with Star Wars heroes across the cinematic universe, but again, while leaving room for the fact that anything can happen in the Star Wars universe, it makes the most sense that we’ll be seeing Rey after she wandered off with BB8 and named herself a Skywalker.

While that ending was controversial, Lucasfilm isn’t going to erase it. Bringing back Daisy Ridley and having her charge ahead into new stories could be a good way to go ahead and work with that ending and make it something new, possibly something that will appeal to a wider group of fans.

Hopefully, this means great things ahead for Rey, and an official announcement for Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars return will come soon. We can’t wait to see what she does.