Exclusive: Chris Pratt Eyed For Stuart Little Remake

By Faith McKay | 6 days ago

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Chris Pratt has signed on for a lot of roles in high-profile blockbusters in recent years. He joined Marvel. He starred in the new Jurassic Park films. His face has become more commonplace. Now, he seems to be taking that same ambitious attitude into the world of voice acting. He recently signed on to voice Mario for a yet-to-be-titled Super Mario Bros. movie and followed that up with a project for Garfield the Cat. Now, thanks to some work from one of our trusted and proven inside sources, we’ve learned that he has at least one more project in the works. Currently, a Stuart Little reboot is in development, and they are interested in getting Chris Pratt to voice the title character.

The Stuart Little remake is something that has been talked about online since 2015. However, the remake hasn’t come up as much the past couple of years. What we’ve learned suggests that despite all this time passing, they’re still in the early stages of development on this reboot project. We were unable to confirm with our source exactly why they’re taking things slowly, but the studio’s new desire to get Chris Pratt on board hints that they’re waiting to get the right actor in place before they pursue the project further. Pratt’s new focus on voice roles may be their perfect opportunity.

stuart little

The first Stuart Little movie was released in 1999. The character was voiced by Michael J. Fox. The movie was a mix of live-action and animation. Stuart Little was a talking, animated mouse who stood upright and wore clothes. He was part of a live-action family, with parents played by Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie. He also had a live-action little brother. While we were able to confirm that the studio wants Chris Pratt to voice the character, meaning Stuart Little himself would still be animated, we were unable to confirm the plan for the rest of the characters in the remake. It is impossible that instead of mixing live-action and animation, the reboot may go entirely animated.

The first two original Stuart Little movies were a mix of live-action and animation, but the third film was direct-to-video and entirely animated. When the idea of a remake was first being reported in 2015, it was said that the remake would be an adaptation of the book by E.B. White, not an adaptation of the original movie. This distinction was made so that audiences could separate the projects in their minds. If Chris Pratt signs on for the Stuart Little remake, it’s safe to bet that they’ll want to take advantage of the type of humor audiences have come to expect from Pratt while also doing what they can to make the remake stand apart from its predecessor.

Our source shared that the studio wants to get Chris Pratt to voice Stuart Little, but we aren’t aware of what the actor himself thinks about the prospect. With his new interest in animated work, and the fun and comedic elements of the mouse character, it appears to be the type of role he’ll sign on for if the studio gets the details right.