Exclusive: Charlie Cox Co-Starring In Spider-Man 4

By Faith McKay | 7 months ago

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally coming to theaters on December 17, 2021. When it does, all kinds of reveals are expected to be made. While Marvel continues to deny that the movie will have multiple Spider-Mans breaking through the multiverse, many consider it to be the worst kept secret in Marvel history. There are also reports that Charlie Cox will appear in the movie. The appearance of Charlie Cox as Daredevil in a Spider-Man movie is something audiences would like to see, but so far, we don’t have any confirmation on whether he’s in No Way Home. We did go digging, though, and found something else. Thanks to some work from our trusted and proven sources, we’ve exclusively learned that Charlie Cox signed a deal to co-star in Spider-Man 4 as Daredevil.

The timing for this couldn’t be more perfect. With Spider-Man: No Way Home releasing soon, the studio is making plans for Spider-Man 4. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios has had control over their Defenders characters for a while now, and fans are waiting to see how they’ll be reintroduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Charlie Cox, as Daredevil, has earned a lot of love from fans. While we were able to learn that he’s signed a deal to co-star in the movie, we weren’t able to learn what his role will entail for Spider-Man 4. There’s a lot of room for how to use his character and his dual nature.

Daredevil is his superhero name and his identity on the streets at night. During the day, he’s Matt Murdock, lawyer, abiding by the oaths he’s taken to follow the law. One of the main reasons audiences are expecting to see Charlie Cox in Spider-Man: No Way Home is that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is facing some legal troubles wherein he needs a lawyer. Many are expecting that Matt Murdock will show up to help him. Will Matt Murdock, a lawyer, be the important role that Charlie Cox’s character fulfills in Spider-Man 4? Or will audiences see Cox mostly as a hero fighting along with Spider-Man? It’s entirely possible that he’ll be fulfilling both roles, which would be excellent for fans, since that would mean Charlie Cox has a lot of screen time.

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When Daredevil was cancelled on Netflix, there were no assurances from Marvel on how things would move forward. Would they recast The Defenders? Would they wait years before bringing them back on screen? While Marvel hasn’t given audiences much to go on, reports have been building of the studio working to get them back on screen, using the same actors. Mostly, those reports have revealed roles for the actors on series for Disney+. Seeing Charlie Cox on the big screen for Spider-Man 4 opens up a lot more possibilities for the future of characters like Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones and Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle. This news is definitely going to raise more questions for fans about those characters’ futures and what else Marvel Studios has in store for Charlie Cox’s Daredevil.