Exclusive: Channing Tatum In Talks For Star Trek 4

By Faith McKay | 5 days ago

channing tatum star trek

Development for Star Trek 4 has been, frankly, a little unusual. Last year, we exclusively reported that the studio was finally working on the movie. Our insider’s report was confirmed only a few months ago. Shockingly, when the studio announced the movie and the planned return for the Kelvin Crew, the cast was unaware that the franchise was moving forward and hadn’t yet entered talks for the sequel. While the studio has now lined up their essential players, we hear they’re working on adding to the cast. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot shares that Channing Tatum has entered early talks for Star Trek 4.

As stated above, our source says these talks are still in the early stages, so there is no guarantee they’ll work out. Channing Tatum may have scheduling issues or not be interested in joining the Star Trek movie. We can’t guess how these talks will go. That being said, this is how all casting starts. It’s going to be interesting to see how this develops over the coming months. Will he sign on? And what character will he play? Will Channing Tatum be playing a known Star Trek character, or will he be introducing someone knew to the universe? The movies so far have seen a lot of actors take on known roles in the universe, but introducing someone new is usually welcomed. Could he be the villain for the upcoming sequel?

Admittedly, Star Trek seems a little out of left field for the actor. He hasn’t been in many science fiction projects. He was notably in Jupiter Ascending, a role he was mostly made fun of for. He’s called that film “tough from the start”. Will Star Trek be a fresh attempt at the genre for him? Is Channing Tatum a Star Trek fan? We don’t actually know. Of course, it’s not a prerequisite for an actor to love a franchise before joining one, but it’s always appreciated when audiences get an actor passionate about the universe. There aren’t a lot of instances of Channing Tatum talking about Star Trek, beyond a video from 2009 where a fan discussed the first Chris Pine movie with him while asking for an autograph. At the time, over a decade ago, he said that Star Trek wasn’t normally his thing, but that he really liked the movie. Beyond that, there’s no telling how he’ll feel about the opportunity, though joining an established franchise could be a good move for his career.

Currently, Channing Tatum is working on the third Magic Mike movie. This may create issues with scheduling for Star Trek. Magic Mike 3 is a passion project for Channing Tatum, and one that will take up a lot of his time right now. Assuming that the studio doesn’t change things, Star Trek 4 has an announced release date of December 22, 2023. This means they need to get filming underway soon. Of course, it doesn’t seem like they have the pieces in place to make that happen, so maybe production will be pushed back far enough to work for Tatum. After all, according to Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock, they haven’t set any production dates or shown him a script yet.

It can be assumed that the studio probably wishes they were further along on this one than they currently are. With that said, it’s interesting to see that the pieces are coming together, one talk at a time.