Exclusive: Chameleon Actor Chosen For Kraven The Hunter Movie

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

chameleon kraven the hunter

What’s going to happen in Sony’s Kraven The Hunter film? It isn’t easy keeping that kind of thing under wraps. Too many people are curious, and reports start coming out fairly early. It wasn’t long after the movie was announced that some claimed Chameleon would be the movie’s villain. As the first villain Spider-Man ever fought in the comics, that was an intriguing prospect, but we hadn’t heard anything more about it. Then, a few weeks ago, an insider claimed that Kodi Smit-McPhee, who played Nightcrawler for X-Men, was offered the role of Chameleon but turned it down due to a scheduling conflict. With so much talk happening, Giant Freakin Robot wanted to know more. We can now report that a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has learned that Fred Hechinger is currently in talks to play Chameleon for Kraven The Hunter.

We can share that Fred Hechinger is in talks to play Chameleon in Kraven The Hunter, but we can’t say if that will work out and he’ll officially be cast. While it may seem strange for an actor to turn down such a huge opportunity, our source confirmed what others have reported–that Kodi Smith-McPhee was forced to turn down the role due to a scheduling conflict. Clearly, anything could happen.

Fred Hechinger is a fairly young actor. He was recently in season one of The White Lotus. Fans are seeing more of him in Pam & Tommy on Hulu. These have still been fairly small roles when compared to becoming an infamous villain who fought Spider-Man, so this could be a major breakout for Hechinger if he takes on the part.

fred hechinger chameleon kraven the hunter
Fred Hechinger in The Woman In The Window

Kodi Smit-McPhee had the advantage of having been in a major franchise previously as Nightcrawler. This meant he also had experience playing a character with a lot of special effects makeup and technology to help him change shape on camera, making him a pretty easy pick for Chameleon. While Fred Hechinger is still unknown to many and hasn’t been in a major franchise, it is easy to understand how he caught the studio’s attention. Articles written about him are calling him the best actor of the Gen Z generation. It appears that the studio is set on casting a younger actor to play Chameleon in Kraven The Hunter, and that means they’re looking for the best they can find.

While Chameleon is an important character as one of the villains of Spider-Man, he’s also important because he’s the half-brother of Kraven. In the comics, he’s the one who first urged Kraven to go after Spider-Man. These ties from the comics certainly hint that Spider-Man could be in the movie, however, we can’t confirm that. While comic book movies are based on the source material, they can change up as much as they want to.

They may keep parts of Chameleon, like his ability to shift form, while changing his backstory for Kraven The Hunter. There’s plenty of reason to believe that may happen. While Tom Holland made an exciting appearance as Spider-Man in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, it’s unknown how much the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony’s Spiderverse will crossover in the future. Hopefully, more reports on that front will come in as these casting talks progress and the movie moves forward with production.