Exclusive: Bryan Cranston Eyed For Star Trek 4 Villain

Through our sources, we can report that Bryan Cranston is being targeted for the villain role in Star Trek 4.

By James Brizuela | Published

Bryan Cranston is arguably one of the top actors in the world. The man has shown that he can carry any kind of role. He changed the world of television by portraying the villainous Walter White in Breaking Bad. While Walter White did not start out as a villain, he gradually turned into one by the end of the series. Quite honestly, when Cranston is able to play the bad guy, he showcases another level of his skill that makes everyone kind of root for him. Well, through our trusted and proven sources, we can report that Bryan Cranston is being targeted as the villain in the new Star Trek 4 film.

Bryan Cranston starring in Star Trek is a fantastic idea. It is a bit odd that he has not made his way into any of the big four yet. Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, or DC have not landed the man yet. Well, he did lend his voice to Batman: Year One as Jim Gordon, but let’s not count the animated films. We want to see the man take on a live-action nerd role. That could come to fruition if he is going to be stepping into Star Trek 4. The unfortunate news for the sequel film is that it recently lost director Matt Shakman. He left the franchise to lead up the Fantastic Four movie for the MCU. While Star Trek 4 tries to find a new director, everyone can be happy they are at least still putting the cast together. Adding Cranston as the villain would be a huge step in the right direction.

chris pine star trek 4 header

Should Bryan Cranston join Star Trek 4 as the villain, he will be joined by an all-star cast that includes the return of Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Karl Urban, and Simon Pegg. While none of the actors from the previous Star Trek films have been confirmed just yet, there is hope they will all agree to return. The new sequel film does have a target release date of December 2023. Paramount had better find a new director, so that production on the film can get going. Otherwise, we are likely not going to see this sequel film until early 2024.

We are not sure what type of villain or what race of alien being Bryan Cranston would portray in Star Trek 4, but an interesting choice would bring back the Changelings. We could see Cranston with a kind of blank face who is able to morph into one of the other crew members. He could also bring back the Borgs in some fashion. The Borgs have been a tried-and-true Star Trek antagonist for years. It may be time to bring them back.

Whatever the production chooses for Bryan Cranston, we are sure he is going to elevate Star Trek 4. For now, we can all patiently wait for the casting choices to be confirmed. Also, we all need to be patient as the production chooses another director to replace Shakman. Either way, we are excited about this new sequel film.