Exclusive: Brie Larson Has Signed A Huge Deal With Apple

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

brie larson

Brie Larson has become a star to watch. She began her career as a child actress with small roles in television series like Touched By An Angel. By 2010, she’d managed to impress audiences with a supporting role in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which she followed up with two years on the Toni Collette-led television series, United States of Tara. Since then, she’s won Best Actress for her role in Room and become a power-player as Captain Marvel. Now, one of our trusted and proven inside sources say Larson’s next big move has her tied to Apple in a career-changing deal.

Our source says that Apple has signed on Brie Larson for a first look multi-projects deal for both television shows and movies. We don’t yet know of any specific projects she may be lined up for with the streaming service, but this does mean that they’re committed to working together to create new content in the coming years. Currently, the streaming platform’s offerings are thin but have recently been ramping up. We’ve seen respected actors like Tom Hanks release movies on Apple and legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese sign a first-look deal with the streaming service. Natalie Portman’s production company signed a first-look deal for television shows with Apple TV+. If the streaming service wants to move forward with major releases, signing on stars like Larson at this point makes a world of sense.

The recent deals Apple TV+ has been signing with filmmakers like Martin Scorsese may be part of what inspired Brie Larson to take the multi-projects deal with the platform. There aren’t many actors who would turn down the possibility of improving their odds to appear in a Scorsese film. While Larson has always shown a particular interest in science-fiction and fantasy projects, her work on projects like Room shows that more Oscar-attention grabbing films are in her realm of interest. So far, this has been most of what Apple TV+ has been producing and seems to intend to create, based on their deals with Scorsese and Ron Howard.

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Over the years, Brie Larson’s filmography has been diverse. She has a long list of work behind her, and yet she’s still only 31 years old. Her career is young. And now, she’s most well-known for her time in Marvel. While she’s expressed a lot of interest in moving forward with other franchises, like Star Wars, there is a serious risk of becoming an actress known only for those types of projects. Many actors are fine with that. Vin Diesel is a major name that is definitely attached to types of action movies. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if Larson, with her varied film interests, is looking to make sure she gets tied to a wider variety of types of projects in the future. This deal with Apple TV+ may be one way for her to move forward with that in mind.

While our sources weren’t able to share how much this deal with Apple TV+ benefited Brie Larson’s bank account, the best guesses would be sizable figures. It’s been reported that she earned $5 million for her role in Captain Marvel and that she may make three times that figure for the sequel. As her star power grows, it’s likely that a Brie Larson first-look multi projects deal for Apple TV+ will only help raise the paychecks she is able to ask for in the future.

There’s no guarantee of what Brie Larson will sign on for, but it will be exciting to see how this deal moves forward and how it alters the course of Larson’s career. Which projects will she decide to sign on for? Will she be sticking with more fantasy and science fiction fare, or using this opportunity to return to roles in dramas like Room? We’ll be watching to see how the deal plays out.