Exclusive: Blood Red Sky 2 In Development At Netflix

By Faith McKay | 14 seconds ago

blood red sky 2

It would be really easy to hear the concept for Blood Red Sky and think you were about to see something pretty silly. Snakes On A Plane, the Samuel L. Jackson movie from 2006, set a genre expectation for any movie where something scary happens on an airplane. Blood Red Sky could be summarized as “vampires on a plane”, and all tone expectations are set. This international release on Netflix is something entirely different. It’s a story about a mother who loves her son, and what she’ll do when something threatens her child. It’s a story about a mother embracing the monster within in order to keep her child, and subsequently a plane full of innocent people, safe. That’s the kind of universal narrative audiences can get behind, and it’s paid off well for Netflix. Now, the big question is, what comes of that success? Blood Red Sky 2, perhaps?

Giant Freakin Robot is happy to report that our trusted and proven inside source has learned Blood Red Sky 2 is in development at Netflix. The streaming service was likely surprised when the international German film reached its top spot on the platform, eventually reaching the 50 million views spot in its first 28 days on Netflix. Those are the kinds of numbers that Netflix likes to see. The next question, though, surrounds how they’ll bring this story forward. Our source was unable to share what story ideas are being brought to the table. There’s certainly plenty of room to take the world-building into a sequel.

The first film establishes some unique magic for the vampires, who grow more feral and monstrous each time they drink a human’s blood. While they could certainly take that concept and go ahead and bring it again to the same trope of vampires on a plane, there’s room to take it somewhere else instead. Having Blood Red Sky 2 take place on a plane may be too limiting the second time around. It will certainly make it more difficult to turn Blood Red Sky into a third film, a spinoff, or otherwise develop the idea into more projects.

blood red sky 2 netflix

It seems most likely they’ll take the world they’ve built, with the vampire mythology, and move into a new trope. Vampires on a bus? Vampires in a hospital? A bank heist with these vampires would be a neat idea, particularly since bank heist films often play up the desperation angle that we saw in the first film. For example, someone involved in a bank heist because they need money to take care of their children. Hopefully, they have a writer’s room taking these ideas a step further, and going beyond the plane schematic.

Unfortunately, there’s one name that is unlikely to be in that writer’s room for Blood Red Sky 2. Peter Thorwarth, the German co-writer and director for the first film, has expressed that he isn’t interested in taking the sequel on. He spent 16 years getting the first film made and has told Daily Dead that he has already moved on to new projects. When asked about a sequel, he said, “Maybe someone else can direct the follow-up, because once I’ve done it, I’m always looking for the next challenge.” While he’s free to change his mind, especially if Netflix finds a way to tempt him, it seems most likely that someone else will be in charge this time around. Hopefully, they can build it into something else that audiences can get excited about.