Exclusive: BioShock Becoming A Netflix Series

A BioShock series is in the works at Netflix.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


BioShock is a franchise that continues to have a long-lasting impact on the video game world. With only three games, it has managed to stand on its own and cast a massive shadow over other video game narratives. At one point, the plan was to adapt the franchise into a massive blockbuster directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean and the vastly underrated A Cure for Wellness). Obviously, that project fell apart, but that has not stopped fans from hoping that the series would make its way to live-action one day. Thankfully, Giant Freakin Robot has just gotten a hold of some exclusive information that points towards a BioShock adaptation happening.

According to our trusted inside source – the same one that has provided Giant Freakin Robot with multiple confirmed exclusive scoops that have included the reveal that Bruce Wayne’s parents will be evil in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, Bruce Campbell will appear for a cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and that Monica Rambeau will be one of the main characters in the upcoming Disney+ series Secret Invasion – Netflix is in the process of developing a BioShock series that would act as one of their flagship productions. While we can’t confirm what the full plans for the show would be, it does seem like it would be a major investment for Netflix.

There is no word on exactly what facets of the BioShock universe the Netflix series would be drawing upon for its version of the universe. Obviously, the most popular iteration of the world takes place in the undersea city of Rapture, but the third game, BioShock Infinite, took players to the aerial utopia of Columbia. Would the series be acknowledging one or both of these locations? Most fans would hope that the series would be set in Rapture, but whether or not it would be a new interpretation of the story or not remains to be seen.

bioshock infinite

It should be said that the world of BioShock does incorporate the idea of limitless multiple universes. It would be very easy for the Netflix series to establish that it takes place in the multiverse of the series while the games and their universes are separate worlds. In fact, that could be a really fun storytelling device to play with. The show could even be so wild as to create its own utopian city that isn’t Rapture or Columbia, but then take some time to visit or peek into those universes as a treat to long-term fans.

Still, it is almost certain that most BioShock fans will want to see the Netflix series be set in the world of Rapture and see familiar characters like the Big Daddy and the Little Sisters. Will the show directly try to emulate the story of the first game? Or will it tell a different story but set in the same location? We are excited to see just what the streaming giant is going to do with one of the greatest video game properties in the history of the medium.