Exclusive: BioShock Movie Headed To Netflix

Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that in addition to the series, Netflix is working on a BioShock movie as well.

By Faith McKay | Published

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It was nearly a year ago when we reported that we heard Netflix is developing a BioShock series. Our exclusive report came in pretty early in the development phase and we’ve been waiting for more news. Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that in addition to the series, Netflix is working on a BioShock movie as well.

Our source shared that BioShock fans can expect an announcement from Netflix on the new movie sometime in the coming week. Finally, fans are going to have more details on what’s happening with the streaming service’s attempts to build a full cinematic universe for the franchise. While our source seemed confident in their appraisal that Netflix will make an announcement for the new movie very soon, we would warn fans that announcement plans change quickly in the industry. With this news breaking on Giant Freakin Robot, and the potential for others to catch wind of the upcoming announcement, studios can sometimes change their plans to make the biggest splash possible for their news.

With that being said, we can certainly hope that this stays the plan and our exclusive is confirmed for fans soon. While our source was confident that an announcement for the BioShock movie is coming, they weren’t clear how many details will come with that announcement. It would be great to see if Netflix lets fans in on the movie and the series, and gives us an idea of what fans are going to finally see adapted. BioShock is already a huge franchise. Will the movie show fans the world developed in BioShock Infinite? Will we see a city floating in the sky? The franchise is packed with locations that are going to be difficult to show in a TV series and movie, like the underwater city of Rapture. It’s going to be interesting to see how Netflix decides to invest in special effects to make these parts of the BioShock universe great on screen.

bioshock movie netflix

Right now, Marvel and DC are steering their own cinematic universes into the idea of the Multiverse. BioShock has shown off the idea of multiple universes in their video games. Is this something the Netflix projects are going to explore as well? Will the BioShock movie and series take place in two different universes? How will the two tie in together? Will we see multiple versions of places like Rapture?

Netflix has already done some video game adaptations, namely The Witcher, which is based on both games and books. The Henry Cavill series is one of the top projects on the streaming service, and they’ve already developed an animated movie and are working on spinoff series. This bodes well for their BioShock plans. From the outside, it seems like Netflix wants to lean heavily into the video game adaptations. If the new BioShock movie does well, it seems likely they’ll continue to further build out this cinematic universe. Hopefully they’ll stick to their current plan and announce the new movie very soon.