Exclusive: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix Series Details Revealed

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

arnold schwarzenegger

The content and streaming wars seem to only be heating up these days and it’s almost imperative for different platforms to add big-name, A-listers to star in movies or series. The landscape around this has totally shifted even in the last few years with superstars signing on to star in longer-running series rather than just going for bank at the box office. And it looks like the next one to do it will be the Terminator himself. The latest Giant Freakin Robot exclusive from our trusted and proven source has it that Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Netflix to star in a series around something that is actually somewhat familiar territory for the dude. 

According to our sources, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Netflix series will have him starring as a CIA Agent who’s been working in relative secrecy for years, keeping his comings and goings secret from even his family. Such is the nature of the gig, it’s covert operations after all. Are you getting some of those True Lies vibes from this one? You should be because on the surface from that description it looks like it lines up with the Arnold blockbuster from the 90s. But where this series diverges some is that Arnold’s daughter in the series, played by Monica Barbaro, is actually also a CIA Agent. And the two have been keeping the secret from each other for years. Both have been pulling double duty in the espionage space without the other figuring anything out. Until now. 

Now, whether you want to say that both Arnold Schwarzenegger (Luke) and Monica Barbaro (Emma) are so good at their jobs that they kept it a secret, or so bad that they failed to pick up the signs from each other remains to be seen. The Netflix series is sure to dive into some of the hijinks involved with this kind of secrecy. But the show will hinge on what happens when they both find out the other’s secret and now need to work together. It’s definitely gearing up to be a high-flying action series that also draws on the humor that’s sure to ensue when the family intersects with the job. 

arnold schwarzenegger

The currently untitled Arnold Schwarzenegger Netflix series will have Nick Santora as the showrunner. The latter definitely has the action and intrigue chops down. His most recent series, Reacher is debuting on Amazon, and he helmed the television adaptation of The Fugitive as well. Other credits include FBI, Scorpion, Vegas, Breakout Kings, Prison Break, and, of course, The Sopranos where he got his start under David Chase. 

In all, this upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger series looks like it could be a real winner for the platform. Remember, this is a similar role that Arnold played back in 1994 with James Cameron’s True Lies opposite Jamie Lee Curtis. Conceptually, it was at a time when the superstar was breaking into more comedic ground after having done Twins and Kindergarten Cop. But this was one of his first films that married the action along with the laughs, and it totally worked. This new Netflix series could have a similar vibe and there’s almost no doubt it performs well on the platform.