Exclusive: Aaron Paul Has Joined The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Aaron Paul is a fantastic actor, and now he has joined plenty of high-profile talent that has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also speculated what role he will play.

By James Brizuela | Published

aaron paul westworld

It seems that every high-profile actor has been targeted to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well, let’s just say that a ton of great actors have been asked and lobbied to appear in a Marvel film, and rightfully so. Marvel has transformed into one of the premiere filmmaking companies in the world. Some films have even started to garner Academy Award recognition. With that said, we can report through our trusted and proven sources that Aaron Paul has officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are a ton of films and television shows that are currently being worked on, so it might be a bit hard to nail down what Marvel role Aaron Paul is set to receive. We all know the man is a fantastic actor. He has proven that with his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, Todd in Bojack Horseman, and Caleb Nichols in Westworld. One of the biggest roles that we can speculate the man being cast in might be Nova. We do know that the writer of Moon Knight, Sabir Pirzada, has been tapped to take on the script for Nova. What we don’t know is if this project will be a limited series, full series, or film. Marvel is quite good at keeping most things secret. However, Paul would be fantastic in the role of Richard Rider.

Also, we are set to hear more news about who is going to be cast in the new Fantastic Four film. Although it might sound a bit odd, we could see Aaron Paul taking on the role of Johnny Storm for Marvel. He has the acting chops to pull off the smooth-talking and sarcastic Storm. We could also see the man stepping in to take over the reins as the new Ghost Rider. We all need to forget about the Nicola Cage film, as much as he is a good actor. There needs to be a proper Ghost Rider introduced in the MCU.

One final role that we could see Aaron Paul take on for Marvel is Bullseye. Again, we must get rid of the horrible memory of the Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell Daredevil film. Granted, we have already done that with how amazing Charlie Cox has been in the role of Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He has already cemented himself into the role for the MCU, and a new series is being worked on. Bullseye is one of the most dynamic villains for Daredevil, and he should be a huge part of the revival. Paul would be the perfect person for that role. He has the gravitas to take on the role of the man that consistently tortures Matthew Murdock.

Aaron Paul joining Marvel is fantastic, and we cannot wait to see what role he is cast in. For now, we have given three likely choices that we could see the man take on. There are, of course, many other MCU characters that are likely to pop in that the man could portray too. We will just have to wait and see what role he is given.