Everything Everywhere All At Once Is Now More Successful Than A Major Marvel Movie

Everything Everywhere All At Once has made more money in theaters than Morbius, proving that it is not, nor ever has been Morbin' Time.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

ke huy quan

Everything Everywhere All At Once has become a verified hit, sweeping awards at this year’s Oscars, and now managing to rake in more cash than a giant studio comic book film. Though, it may be viewed as slightly less prestigious when you learn that the Marvel film that Everything Everywhere All At Once has bested at the box office is none other than 2022’s year-defining film, Morbius. According to a write-up from Slashfilm, the Michelle Yeoh-led indie darling has amassed $75 million at the domestic box office, with an estimated budget of $25 million, whereas Morbius only managed to deliver $73 million against its $75 million budget.

Everything Everywhere All At Once was slightly beaten out by Morbius in foreign markets, but not nearly enough for the Sony Spider-Man villain-based film to turn a profit. While the juxtaposition of these two movies is quite humorous given their highly differing subject matter and critic and audience approval scores, this still serves as a huge win for Everything Everywhere All At Once, as films of this modest budget are highly unlikely to perform well against even the most disliked comic book films in the current box office landscape. Like many other A24 films, such as The Lighthouse or The Whale, Everything Everywhere All At Once quickly proved a critical smash but wasn’t heavily promoted with a massive marketing budget.

jared leto morbius
Jared Leto as Morbius

The Oscar-winning film follows Michelle Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang as she becomes swept into an incredible adventure across time and space, connecting with versions of herself and her loved ones across the multiverse. Everything Everywhere All At Once connects with audiences through its gripping story, incredible editing, and fascinating subject material, whereas Morbius serves up another in a long string of lukewarm Marvel outings, failing to make a profit at the box office despite a highly publicized return to theaters. In Morbius, Jared Leto sleepwalks through another iconic villain role, just as he did in 2016’s Suicide Squad, resulting in a slow-paced, meandering tale of a Spider-Man villain with no Spider-Man present to keep the story engaging.

Through sheer word-of-mouth marketing, Everything Everywhere All At Once became synonymous with incredible auteur cinema, delivering a highly respected film to audiences across the country, while Morbius was largely used as a punchline throughout internet discourse, prompting young people on social media apps such as TikTok to troll the studio by pretending to enjoy the film. Though Morbius famously bombed at the box office, it is still an incredible achievement for an A24 film to pass the major Sony outing and marks a huge opportunity for the many criminally underrated actors who appeared in the film to become household names. Among those who appeared in the film are Ke Huy Quan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Hsu, and James Hong, who has a massive list of film bonafides with over 400 IMDb credits dating back to the mid-1950s.

While Everything Everywhere All At Once can tout a laundry list of achievements, Morbius has largely been relegated to the dustbin of meme history. Perhaps the real Morbin’ Time was inside of us all along.