Evangeline Lilly Shaved Her Head, See It In The South Of Heaven Trailer

By Faith McKay | 15 seconds ago

evangeline lilly

Evangline Lilly and Jason Sudeikis have a new crime thriller coming out soon. South of Heaven sees Jason Sudeikis getting early parole after serving 12 years for armed robbery. The parole is granted after the prisoner learns that his childhood sweetheart has cancer and has one year left to live. He vows that if given his freedom, he’ll use it to give her a great last year of her life. Evangeline Lilly plays his childhood sweetheart, living her last year with cancer, and with very short hair.

You can see Evangeline Lilly in the trailer for South of Heaven below.

If you have any doubts about whether she truly shaved her head, her Instagram post from November 2019 shows her shaving her head at home in preparation. This was the same time that it was publicly announced she had joined the cast with Jason Sudeikis. Evangeline Lilly didn’t share why she was cutting her hair in the video or in the caption. Naturally, commenters were confused. The comments are full of people asking if she is okay, why she’s doing it, and telling her not to. You can see the video below.

South of Heaven is releasing in October, 2021, but it was filmed back in March, 2020 in Texas, when the pandemic was just beginning in the United States. At that time, Evangeline Lilly was facing a lot of controversy online after she shared on Instagram that her family wasn’t self quarantining. She posted a photo of tea and said that her family was going about business as usual, but just taking care to wash their hands. In the comments, she took things a step further, saying that some people value their lives over their freedom, but some people value their freedom above their lives.

Sophie Turner, famous for her role on Game of Thrones, did an Instagram live with her husband Joe Jonas. She didn’t say Evangeline Lilly’s name, but seemed to be referencing the actress when she said “‘F**** your freedom”. She went on to say, “You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this. So stay inside guys! It’s not cool, it’s not big, and it’s not clever… And that’s the tea.” A little while later, Evangeline Lilly shared an apology for her prior comments and insensitivity.

Amidst the controversy and her comments, Evangeline Lilly has continued regularly posting on Instagram, working on movies, and writing children’s books. She seems to like the new haircut, as she still has the short hair in her recent Instagram photos. Ant-Man 3 doesn’t come out until February 2023, but that likely means filming should begin for that project by early 2022. If that isn’t going to be her new look for the Marvel character as well, then she’s going to be needing some wigs pretty soon.

South of Heaven starring Evangeline Lilly and Jason Sudeikis will premiere on October 8, 2021.