Eternals and Avengers Crossover Marvel Movie On The Way?

By Doug Norrie | 6 days ago

eternals cast

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe still actively in massive growth mode, we are getting whole batches of new characters coming to the big and small screen over the next few years. Some will be one-offs, and others will be introduced in different productions. But one, focusing on the group the Eternals, is set to kick off an entire team of heroes, some of the most powerful we’ve seen operating on Earth. And now, according to We Got This Covered, it looks like Eternals will set the stage for a crossover with The Avengers at some point. It makes total sense that these two groups will have their paths cross. 

Because the Eternals have been operating on Earth for centuries, but mostly keeping in the shadows, having them come out of the proverbial woodwork now is something of a surprise, but makes sense along the lines of the original story. This is a group made up of celestial human-like beings with enormous power. In this original story, they’ve been sent to Earth as protectors but tasked with keeping their presence unknown to almost everyone out there. The movie will have an event (the close call with Thanos?) step into the superhero limelight in some fashion. When this happens, they would have to be on the Avengers’ radar. 

And we saw in the original Eternals trailer a stunning look at what could be a breathtaking film, replete with a cast of characters who will likely turn the comic book movie world and the Marvel Cinematic Universe on its head. The cast is first-rate and the cinematography is already looking like it could be among the most visually appealing Marvel films yet. At the end of the trailer, in a moment of levity, there’s a scene in which the entire group is eating and discussing who will lead the Avengers. Check out the reference below. It comes at the end. 

It’s in the final scene that Richard Madden’s Ikaris suggests he could be the new leader of the Avengers now that Captain America and Iron Man are out of the picture. Everyone gets a hearty chuckle at the suggestion, but it does point to the idea that these two groups will almost definitely cross paths. This trailer puts the Eternals timeline post-Infinity War in a world still recovering from the events of that film. 

Before we figure out how the Eternals and Avengers possibly team up and crossover in a new super-movie, there’s the business of this first flick for the former group. With an all-star cast and award-winning director, it could set up as one of the franchise’s best films yet. Joining Madden in the group is Gemma Chan as Sersi, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Brian Tyree as Phastos, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Angelina Jolie as Thena. There are others as well who will round out the cast. And behind the lens is Chloe Zhao who is coming off her Academy Award-winning turn directing Nomadland. 

With a massive $200 million budget, expectations are high for Eternals and what it will add to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And along the lines of this latest rumor, it is more than reasonable to expect the group to cross paths with Earth’s other protectors. The film is due out November 5th of this year and should be a cinematic event.