Emma Stone Getting A Huge Sequel

By Kristi Eckert | 4 weeks ago

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The academy award-winning actress Emma Stone has been involved in a plethora of highly successful projects like LaLa Land. She has also just come off the success of her new Disney prequel Cruella, and it has now been confirmed that she is gearing up for a sequel. Deadline announced that Emma Stone struck a deal with Disney and has officially signed on to star in Cruella 2

The news that Emma Stone has hopped on board for Cruella 2 comes in the wake of circulating rumors that the actress was considering following in the footsteps of Scarlett Johansson and other A-listers and taking steps to sue Disney. Cruella, much like Johansson’s Black Widow, was released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney’s streaming platform Disney+ and it was unclear as to whether or not Emma Stone was able to garner any profits generated by the latter. However, the announcement of her being attached to Cruella 2 indicates that she and Disney have seemingly come to a mutual agreement. 

According to Variety, a statement released by her agency representative Patrick Whitehall suggests that this was indeed that case. Essentially, the statement indicated that Emma Stone’s representation is working with Disney on a mutual set of terms that will benefit both parties. This is such that should Cruella 2 be released on dual platforms, each will be able to walk away with a cut of the profit. 

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The fact the Disney is moving ahead with a sequel for Cruella 2 could demonstrate that its first iteration performed well. The publication ET Online pointed out that a Disney spokesperson had mentioned to them that Disney was “very pleased with Cruella’s box office success.” In fact, Deadline estimated that the film, despite the pandemic, was able to gross upwards of $222 million worldwide. Cruella’s success could be indicative of why Emma Stone wanted to continue to be attached to the franchise. However, that is just conjecture, and Emma Stone has yet to release any of her own official statements on the matter. 

Since the production of Cruella 2 is still in the early stages, no specifics are known about what the plot will or could entail. However, it was confirmed that Craig Gillespie would direct Emma Stone again in the sequel, and writer Tony McNamara will pen the script again. 

Apart from Cruella 2, it was also announced that Emma Stone could be attached to another highly-anticipated sequel. Giant Freakin’ Robot recently reported that a sequel to one of Emma Stone’s earliest movies, Easy A is definitely in the works, yet at this point, it is unclear as to whether not Emma Stone will be interested in reprising her role as Olive Penderghast. However, even if the actress doesn’t end up jumping abroad the Easy A project, fans can look forward to seeing her in an upcoming untitled video short that just wrapped up production, as well as an upcoming movie entitled Poor Things, and even in a TV series called The Curse.