Emily Blunt Is Tired Of Hollywood Casting Strong Female Leads

Emily Blunt reveals that she is bored and hates when receiving roles that state "strong female lead."

By Imelda Perez | Updated

Emily Blunt has expressed her distaste for the phrase “strong female leads” that are written into scripts for actors. She recently interviewed with The Telegraph, a British Newspaper, for which she opened up about how she feels about landing such roles. During her interview, Emily opened up about her preference for characters that “hide a secret.” Looks like even though she doesn’t have a social media platform to express her opinions, Emily Blunt does not hesitate to stand up for her fellow female colleagues. 

When she opens a script and reads the phrase “strong female leads” Emily Blunt is “immediately bored” and says that those characters are often “stoic” and that a lot of time is spent acting “incredibly tough” something that she isn’t a huge fan of. She says she would rather portray a character that is calm on the outside, yet forceful on the inside, such as her character Cornelia Locke in The English.

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Emily Blunt stated that her character is “innocent without being naive” which is the complete opposite of those characters that are considered “strong female leads” which is one of the reasons why she is looking forward to playing this new character. The English premiered on Amazon on November 11 so be sure to check it out and make your own opinion about Emily Blunt’s Cornelia. 

This isn’t the first time Emily Blunt opened up about her views in regard to the Hollywood expectations that women have to follow. In an interview made several years ago during her Jungle Cruise days, Emily shared that she believed times were changing and rather than expecting women to wear heels throughout all of their appearances, they should be allowed to wear flats. She also mentioned that having a powerful outfit is possible in both a fitted ensemble and an oversized one. 

The Devil Wears Prada actress has picked up a variety of strong female roles and definitely has her own perspective on them. During interviews though, she has always expressed admiration for the supporting roles, such as Emily in Devil Wears Prada, and would even consider taking on that role once again. To this date though, she has been the only one to bring up the idea of a sequel to the hit movie. Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep have different projects going on and haven’t expressed interest in such a project.

While Emily has turned down various projects, she is definitely keeping her plate full aside from working on The English. She is set to star in a reboot of The Fall Guy, alongside Ryan Gosling. The movie is expected to release in March 2024 and not much information has been released about it. For the younger audiences of today, this 70’s show may not be at all too familiar, but know that this film is expected to be full of action and stunts so be on the lookout for more information if you want to watch it! 

Emily Blunt is also set to be in the sequel to Jungle Cruise which is expected to release in 2023, so while she is enjoying those smaller roles, she is definitely keeping busy.