See Emilia Clarke Fighting For Her Life In Marvel’s Secret Invasion

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

emilia clarke

Marvel is steadily working on its content across television and film. That content includes the most recent show being filmed, Secret Invasion. The miniseries is set to debut on Disney+ at some point in 2023. While we all get to see the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, another heavy-hitting actor has been added to the cast. That actor is Game of Thrones alumna, Emilia Clarke. While it has not yet been revealed what character she is portraying, fans have speculated for some time. Well, now some brave soul posted a behind-the-scenes video of Clarke seemingly being choked on the ground. You can see the clip below:

Emilia Clarke is in the above video on the ground in what appears to be a grey t-shirt and black hair. The person holding her or choking her is in a grey motion capture suit. This could certainly be a Skrull, though that has yet to be confirmed. Quite honestly, Skrull can be anybody at this point. That’s the point of Secret Invasion. While the quick video doesn’t give too much away at this point, it is still exciting, and fans will begin to speculate even more about what secret role Clarke is currently portraying.

Secret Invasion is an arc in Marvel Comics that shows the invasion of the Skrull into the highest levels of Marvel continuity. Heroes, agency agents, and all manner of people are captured, copied, and replicated. The name denotes everything. It is a secret invasion before some uncaptured heroes begin to figure everything out. Nick Fury and General Talos band together to try and uncover this massive invasion. Secret Invasion is one of the most exciting storylines in all comics, and the comic is the biggest source in attempting to figure out who Emilia Clarke is in the grand scheme of things. One of the biggest roles that would make sense is that of Abigail Brand. Brand is an agent who works with SWORD, with mutant and alien DNA. Her powers include emitting blue flames from her hands. This power can be used to cut through metal, which equates to even better espionage. During the original Secret Invasion, Brand was crucial in attempting to figure out the invasion of the Skrull. With SWORD being introduced in WandaVision, this could be who Clarke is set to appear as in the MCU.

This is all speculation, but it could and would make sense for Brand to appear in the MCU right now. We are likely to see the first case of mutants in Doctor Strange 2. With the trailer showing what appeared to be Professor Xavier returning, and WandaVision showing off Wanda Maximoff’s two sons (who are both mutants in the comics), it might be time for the MCU version of the mutants to appear. If that is the case, then Abigail Brand would make total sense considering she is also a mutant. There are certainly a host of other characters that Emilia Clarke could play, but Brand would be fantastic. Marvel has gotten much better at hiding their secrets, so we all might have to wait until the trailer drops to find out who Clarke is truly set to portray in the MCU.