See Emilia Clarke As A Skrull For Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion is an upcoming series for Marvel, starring Emilia Clarke and Samuel L Jackson. Now, fans can get a look at Emilia Clarke as a Skrull.

By Faith McKay | Published

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On Disney+ Day, the studio released the first look at Secret Invasion, an upcoming series on the streaming service. However, fans weren’t satisfied with the little bit they were given. While an awesome new photo of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury was released, and the show has a Skrull-inspired new logo, there is still very little known about what to expect on the show. For example, Emilia Clarke has a major role in the Marvel series, but nothing is known about her role. This has left many fans imagining her new future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, possibly as a Skrull. One such fan, who goes by m.design34 on Instagram, took matters into their own hands and provided a look at what Emilia Clarke could look like as a Skrull.

You can see the Emilia Clarke fanart below.

This isn’t the first time a fan has suggested that Emilia Clarke will be playing a Skrull in Secret Invasion. In fact, the theories seem promising. While the Skrull above could appear to be any Skrull, fans have taken things a step further and many have speculated on her exact role. Clarke’s casting was announced in April. As soon as it was, fans began to speculate that she’d be playing Veranke, the Skrull queen in Marvel Comics. Clarke’s past as Khaleesi on Game Of Thrones has shown that she’s capable of playing a strong leader. The series will likely need to develop Skrull characters, and Veranke would be one of the best to develop the new show’s story.

secret invasion skrull queen

Of course, Veranke hasn’t been confirmed to be in the series. When Emilia Clarke was asked to confirm that she was even cast in the series, she appeared nervous. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel she shared that being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was exciting, but scary. Specifically, she was intimidated at the prospect of maintaining Marvel’s code, wherein its actors aren’t allowed to spill any secrets from their new projects. Clarke has experience keeping the story secrets of a major franchise after her long run on Game of Thrones, but that is apparently nothing compared to keeping the secrets of Marvel.

While fans would love to know who Emilia Clarke is playing in Secret Invasion, the recent release of Eternals has led to a fresh wave of speculation. The new Marvel movie saw the appearance of Kit Harrington, who played Jon Snow on Game of Thrones with Emilia Clarke. Many are hoping to see the two pair up again in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe project. At this point, it would be difficult to know when that could happen. Kit Harrington is playing Black Knight. However, without knowing who Emilia Clarke is playing, there’s little to go on.

For now, fans know that Emilia Clarke is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and hopefully playing an iconic character like that of Veranke. While the series is set to be released on Disney+ in 2022, we may not know who she’s playing until closer to its release.

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