See Emilia Clarke As Marvel’s Next Big Superhero, Now That It’s Official

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

emilia clarke

The comic book movie world got a significant jolt on Tuesday with a few cool announcements around casting in upcoming movies. But none might have been bigger than the news that Emilia Clarke was headed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Mother of Dragons is going to have a home in a brand new world and franchise. It’s an exciting prospect for a studio that continues adding A-list talent to its already fantastic roster. So with the casting news came almost immediate speculation around who Emilia Clarke will play in the MCU. There are so many possibilities that it’s a bit tough to even narrow down. 

We do know that she is joining the cast of Secret Invasion which will be a limited series based on the comic book arc of the same name. It involves a Skrull takeover of Earth with that alien race impersonating all manners of folks: civilians and superheroes alike. While it’s unlikely Emilia Clarke will come in and play just your average joe-schmo citizen, I guess something like that is always a possibility. But what fun is that? Instead, it’s a helluva lot more exciting to think about what iconic role she could be playing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luckily, a cavalcade of internet artists and fans were up to the task to start dreaming of the possibilities. Let’s take a look at what some folks came up with when it comes to Clarke’s next role.

Hero ageEmilia Clarke como Spider-woman arte de @Apexform1

Posted by Hero age on Sunday, April 19, 2020

How about a little Spider-woman for Emilia Clarke? This character hasn’t been used all that much in previous movies or shows in this franchise or before. We got an animated Gwen Stacey in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse, but in terms of live-action roles, this is one that’s been mostly passed over throughout the years. 

This casting might have the most legs to it. We know that the Fantastic Four are going to make their appearance in some form during this Marvel Phase Four. The casting rumors have been all over the place for the quartet without anything really landing yet. But we know that the group deals with alien races and the Skrulls, as a group, actually made their comic book debut in an issue of Fantastic Four. Also, the group does play a significant part in the original Secret Invasion story. 

And not pictured here, but something fans have dreamt on is Emilia Clarke joining the X-Men timeline as Mystique? She certainly looks the part. We have a couple of iterations of this character already on the big screen with Rebecca Romijn playing the master of transformative disguise in the first set of films. And then Jennifer Lawrence picked it up for the prequel X-Men films. We know the X-Men are about to enter Marvel productions with earnest now so this one makes a lot of sense. 

Time will tell who Emilia Clarke plays in Secret Invasion and this might be only the tip of the casting iceberg with Olivia Colman also reportedly landing a role in the series. We are likely gearing up for a ton of news over the short term with the series rounding into shape.