See Emilia Clarke As Aquaman’s Mera In New Video

By Doug Norrie | 3 seconds ago

emilia clarke

With deep fake technology out there, we no longer need to simply picture in our lousy minds what an actor or actress would look like as a certain character. And when there are certain rumors hanging out there for casting calls, it can be even cooler to get an actual look at how someone would look in a particular role. That’s the case with the latest video that puts Emilia Clarke in as Queen Mera instead of Amber Heard in Aquaman. And with this one, there is some context to putting Clarke into the green suit. 

The deep fake video is courtesy of Stryder HD on YouTube who has a number of these concept videos on the resume. A bunch of them are very cool too, with some based on rumors and others just because an actor or actress might have looked the part. In this one, we see Emilia Clarke as Queen Mera and in some parts, it’s nearly indistinguishable from Amber Heard. This could definitely have been the original casting and I doubt anyone would have batted an eye or a fin. Check out what Stryder HD put together with Emilia Clarke in the role. 

See what we mean here? It’s a good look for Emilia Clarke who could have been ruling over Atlantis in the same way Heard did in the original film. And it wasn’t like Clarke was plucked out of thin air for this part. During part of last year, when it wasn’t totally clear about Amber Heard’s status in the Aquaman franchise or if she’d even be in the sequel, Clarke’s name was rumored to be in the running as a replacement. That never came to fruition and was just a rumor based on some random home listings in the Los Angeles area, but it did spark some discussion about how they would handle Queen Mera moving forward. 

Now we know that Amber Heard is fully cast and shooting in Aquaman 2, and is a bigger part of the DC Extended Universe plans moving forward. So that part is pretty much settled, Heard could be looking at a solo movie in the future and an expanded role in this next film, The Lost Kingdom. But Emilia Clarke will be entering the comic book world in a different way. She’s rumored to be coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the Secret Invasion limited series comes about sometime in the next couple of years. Though it isn’t 100% confirmed, there are more than enough rumors out there to think that she’s playing an spy within S.W.O.R.D. 

In Secret Invasion, Emilia Clarke will join a stacked cast that includes Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelson reprising their Nick Fury and Talos roles in a story that could fold in a huge section of the Marvel Universe. In the original comic book series, a plot is at hand with the Skrull and the Kree impersonating several superheroes. It’s tough to know who is who and that is going to be central to this series.