Elizabeth Olsen Trends As People Discover She Has Famous Sisters

By Rick Gonzales | 2 months ago

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Elizabeth Olsen is once again trending on social media, but it isn’t for the reason one would expect. True, her Disney+ series WandaVision is creating a lot of chatter, but this new chatter has nothing to do with WandaVision or anything at all to do her standing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No, this chatter has everything to do with Elizabeth Olsen and her famous sisters, the Olsen Twins.

Say what? You weren’t aware that Elizabeth Olsen was the younger sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley? Don’t feel bad, because you are not alone. Not even by a long shot.

Elizabeth Olsen is two years the junior to both the Olsen Twins. For the most part, “Lizzie” lived in the shadow of her famous sisters early on. That’s not to say she wasn’t part of the acting community or her sister’s lives, she was, but Lizzie didn’t get the publicity her sisters were receiving. Lizzie got her first taste of acting at a young age, not as young as her sisters, but young nevertheless. She started at four years old and found herself appearing in many of her older sister’s The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley videos. But where Mary-Kate and Ashley’s career took its left turn, Lizzie went full-on, headlong into the career she felt she was destined to follow.

“My sisters didn’t love being on like live theatre. They didn’t love live audiences. They were pretty shy and it made them nervous,” Elizabeth Olsen said of her sisters. Lizzie loved and still does, performing live on stage. When she was doing it as a child she made her older sisters attend. “I was the one that made everyone come to see me perform a musical that we made within two weeks and they had to see three of them every summer,” Lizzie explained via Fox News. “They had to go to every dance performance and so it was always unique to me that I loved theatre and dancing and singing. And so it never felt like a following for me because it always felt like it was my path.”

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As time went on, their paths would separate as Mary-Kate and Ashley began to move away from acting and into fashion, where they have created a virtual empire. This is something that Elizabeth Olsen became obsessed with and to this day, still is. “Everything my sisters have ever worn in my entire life I have wanted to wear still as an adult today,” the WandaVision star said. “I want their coats. I want their shoes. I want their dresses. And that is something that I never grew out of.”

Back to being a sibling to famous siblings. The reaction across social media is quite astounding as people are just beginning to realize that Elizabeth Olsen, Mary-Kate, and Ashley are related.

Thankfully, there are also a few out there who not only knew that Elizabeth Olsen was related to the Olsen Twins, but was shocked that everyone wasn’t up to date on the Olsen Family history.

Other than the early on Mary-Kate & Ashley Adventures videos, Elizabeth Olsen and her sisters have never appeared in any other film or TV project together and it looks like that may not ever happen. The Olsen Twins’ last venture on film came back in 2010 for Ashley and 2011 for Mary-Kate. Up until that time, the twins were developing their fashion lines, first teaming with Wal-Mart, then moving off to their own business. It has been quite a lucrative one for them. The twins presently have two clothing lines, Elizabeth and James as well as The Row. The former sells around $89 million worth per year while the latter brings in between $100-200 million per year.

Of course, everyone is aware of what Elizabeth Olsen has been up to. Going from her start in multiple independent movies and jumping into the MCU as Wanda Maximoff has been a huge leap in her career, one that looks to continue in the MCU as Lizzie is next slated to be seen in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with hints that she may even find some time in the next Spider-Man 3 film.

Yes, folks, Elizabeth Olsen is the younger sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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