Elizabeth Hurley Is Radiant In Just A T-Shirt As She Celebrates Her Recovery

By James Brizuela | 3 months ago

elizabeth hurley

The vivacious Elizabeth Hurley has been a bit quieter in the past ten years in Hollywood, but she has steadily been working her way back into more and more projects. Unfortunately, during the filming of a movie, Christmas in the Caribbean, Hurley tore some ligaments in her foot. It appears as if the busier schedule might have gotten the best of her. Due to needing to rest up, she decided to retreat to a wellness spa in Austria to recover. Not a bad place to be. The actress took to her Instagram to show herself in the comfort of nothing but a white t-shirt. You can check out the photo below:

The view looks sensational, and that includes Elizabeth Hurley. Although her foot is wrapped up, she sports a wide smile as she exclaims her readiness for a big detox. That detox looks to be going well, as she is sporting nothing but a white t-shirt. Well played. Hurley has 2.3 million followers on her Instagram and the picture of her recovery has already amassed well over 140,000 likes and 2,400 comments. There are plenty of people who have commented about how fantastic she looks. We agree. At 56 years old, Hurley looks amazing, and it looks as if her recovery is going well. We certainly wish we could recover in Austria.

Elizabeth Hurley rose to prominence in the late 90s and early 2000 era when she became a fan-favorite in the Austin Power films, portraying Vanessa Kensington. She would go on to star alongside Brendan Frasier in the film Bedazzled shortly after that, securing her spot as one of the most beautiful and sought-after actresses of that era. Although she kept busy all the way until 2004 with films like Bad Boy, Serving Sara, and Method, she then took a long break from acting without appearing in anything until 2010’s Made in Romania. From then she took her acting to more prominent roles in television, where she appeared in a reoccurring role in Gossip Girl, The Royals, and Runaways.

Elizabeth Hurley has been making a name for herself again, as she has appeared in either television shows or films every year since 2014. Hurley’s more recent role was playing Joanna Christmas in Father Christmas is Back. The ironic thing is she apparently hurt her foot in filming another Christmas-based film. How she hurt her foot while filming a Christmas movie is beyond us, but maybe she tripped over an elf? Either way, she is certainly needing some recovery time.

Although it might be some time before this newest Christmas film sees screens, Elizabeth Hurley is starring in Welcome to Georgia. Her newest film has been reportedly completed, though a release date has yet to be revealed. We are likely going to have to wait until sometime later this year to see Hurley return to screens. It’s great to see her return to prominence and the hope is that her foot recovers sooner rather than later. Either way, keep on giving us updates, especially if those updates are done while in nothing but a t-shirt.