Elijah Wood Ready For A Major Comeback With Beloved Franchise

Elijah Wood wants to join another blockbuster movie franchise.

By Michileen Martin | Published

Elijah Wood

It would be understandable if you assumed that after being a part of the game-changing film trilogy Lord of the Rings, that actor Elijah Wood has had his fill of big movie franchises, but — understandable or not — you’d still be wrong. In a recent interview, Wood made it clear there are at least two other cinematic universes he’d love to appear in.

While doing press for the new crime drama No Man of God, Elijah Wood told Entertainment Tonight he’s looking for the chance to get to play in a “giant sandbox” once more. In particular, the actor would love to get the chance to appear in either a Star Wars or Marvel film. Calling himself a “huge Star Wars fan,” Wood says Star Wars gets priority over Marvel. Presumably, Wood’s talking specifically about a live-action project, since technically he already made himself a part of the Star Wars universe voicing Jace Rucklin on the Disney Channel animated series Star Wars Resistance.

Elijah Wood also addressed what he called the controversy on “film Twitter” about the question of whether or not Marvel movies are true cinema, which echo the controversial remarks director Martin Scorsese made to Empire Magazine (via Business Insider) in 2019. While he didn’t fall decisively on either side of the debate, he seems to not care much about the debate, calling the Marvel movies “inherently fun” and “extremely well made.”

Elijah Wood

It makes sense Elijah Wood is open to a Marvel movie. After all, whether or not we ever see him as part of Marvel’s Avengers, he’s already signed on for a movie about a different kind of Avenger. The actor will star in the upcoming reboot of the 1980s cult classic The Toxic Avenger. While his role isn’t yet confirmed, in early June The Illuminerdi reported that Wood will be playing the film’s villain — Bob Garbinger, a power-hungry in the same company where the eponymous hero suffers the accident that gives him his powers and changes his appearance.

For fans of Elijah Wood’s unforgettable portrayal of Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, it may seem impossible to imagine the actor playing a villain. Anyone thinking along these lines, however, should give 2005’s Sin City a watch in which Wood is remarkably chilling as the cannibal serial killer Kevin. Perhaps if Wood finds himself in the universe George Lucas built, he’ll find himself wearing a much darker cloak than the one Galadriel gave to Frodo.

Speaking of serial killers, Elijah Wood found himself in the middle of some controversy related to his newest film No Man of God. Wood plays FBI profiler Bill Hagmaier in the film, who interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy and reportedly had a complicated relationship with the murderer. No Man of God proved to be one of two Ted Bundy films released in August — the other being Ted Bundy: American Boogeyman starring Chad Michael Murray as the titular killer — leading to criticism regarding Hollywood’s fixation on Bundy, particularly on Twitter.