Eiza Gonzalez Stuns In A Short Pink Dress In Latest Post

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

Eiza Gonzalez

Mexican actor Eiza Gonzalez has been blowing up the food chain of Hollywood in the last several years, and an upcoming new project is doubtlessly going to keep that going (more on that later). But just right now, she is currently blowing up on social media because of a delightful new series of photos she posted to her Instagram account. In this photoset, the star of The Fast & Furious Present: Hobbes & Shaw is showing off some amazingly sultry looks aided by the fine people at the fashion house of Givenchy. The photos are really a symphony in soft pink, but we will let you find that out for yourself. Check it out:

In the first photo, Eiza Gonzalez is against a doorframe in a softly lit, extremely comfortable-looking room. She is wearing an incredibly soft-looking pink dress, its hemline just barely above her visible knees. The hem flares out in a saucy flip, while moving upwards, her waistline is cinched in with a matching pink belt. The sleeves of the striped pink dress peek out over her hands, one of which can be seen to be resplendent with several gold rings. Gonzalez’s long, deep brown hair cascades over her shoulder and her lips are painted brilliantly red. She is gazing to camera with an enthralling look, and her cheekbones are really something to behold. Seriously, check it out. 

Eiza Gonzalez’s brown tresses in the post may indicate that this is a bit of a throwback post, as the actor recently showed up on the proverbial red carpet with a new blonde look. That was the for United Kingdom premiere of her new film Ambulance, directed by Michael Bay. It is not out yet in the United States, but she apparently stars as an EMT whose ambulance is hijacked by Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Given that it’s a Michael Bay movie, it is almost certainly going to look fantastic and be a bit hard to follow in a way you don’t notice until it is over. Gonzalez also starred three movies in 2021, which says good things for her work ethic. She appeared in ​​Godzilla vs. Kong (not in either title role, obviously), the animated Spirit Untamed (which is a soft reboot of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and also co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal), and a comedy called Love Spreads. 

But perhaps most notably, Eiza Gonzalez has been tapped to star in a Netflix adaptation of the massively popular and acclaimed science fiction novel The Three-Body Problem. Written by Chinese novelist Liu Cixin, the book is the first part of a trilogy following humankind’s first encounters with alien species. Netflix is producing the adaptation as a series most likely to premiere in 2023; it will also star Benedict Wong and Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will help produce and write. There is also a Chinese film adaption of The Three Body-Problem in the works, and the Netflix version will be a joint production with Yoozoo Pictures.