Edward James Olmos Opens Up About Deadly Health Scare

Edward James Olmos has been battling throat cancer for years, but is constantly working on his health.

By TeeJay Small | Published

Battlestar Galactica‘s Edward James Olmos has finally opened up about his recent health struggles for the first time in a public forum. According to a recent interview covered by Variety, Olmos has been fighting a highly difficult battle with throat cancer for a number of years behind the scenes. The star detailed his cancer treatment regimen, which consists of a number of rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, while also assuring friends and fans alike that he is in a remarkably healthy position to fight the illness, noting that he is active and often swims multiple times per day.

Whether you’ve seen him in more recent roles like Chicharron in Disney’s Coco or Gaff in Blade Runner 2049, or iconic performances as Lieutenant Martin Castillo in Miami Vice or Admiral William Adama in Battlestar Galactica, Edward James Olmos has always been characterized by his gruff scratchy voice and authoritative demeanor. Unfortunately, it seems that the strain this gravelly tenor has placed on Olmos’ throat has been detrimental to his health, leading him toward a cancer diagnosis that left him reeling. During his appearance in the interview, Olmos also stated that he had lost a number of friends and loved ones to cancer, noting that it was an issue very close to his heart.

This is no surprise as Edward James Olmos has been involved with a number of charitable causes and organizations in the past several decades, often focussing specifically on issues that affect the American Hispanic community, for which he is a vocal proponent. Olmos also founded the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival in 1997, which highlights films and creators of a Latino-American background. Olmos’ work with dozens of award-winning photographers back in the year 1999 even led to a book project which detailed Latin American life titled Americanos: Latino Life in the U.S. which went on to become an installation at the Smithsonian.

Edward James Olmos in Narcos

Clearly, Edward James Olmos has left his mark on both cinema and culture, and nobody would judge him if this health condition were to force him into retirement. Of course, Olmos maintains that he is feeling up to the task of continuing to act, with a pair of high-octane action films slated for our viewing pleasure in the near future, according to his IMDb credits. One of the upcoming films, a Western titled Outlaw Posse, is written and directed by Wu-Tang: An American Saga director Mario Van Peebles, while the other film, One Fast Move, sets Olmos on the screen alongside Grey’s Anatomy and Euphoria star Eric Dane.

Edward James Olmos’ struggles with cancer have been tough, with the actor explaining that the battle brought him close to death, even losing 50 pounds and significantly dropping muscle mass in the process. Anyone who has had a loved one with cancer knows how difficult this battle can be, so it is highly inspirational to see Olmos continuing to move forward despite the odds being against him. We, of course, wish him well in his health journey and can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for us next!