Man Of Steel Actor Returning To Take Over Superman Role?

Dylan Sprayberry, who played young Clark Kent in Man of Steel, is interested in returning to play an older Superman.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

dylan sprayberry
Dylan Sprayberry in Man of Steel

In a recent interview with SFX, Dylan Sprayberry stated that he would be open to the possibility of revisiting his role as a young Clark Kent from the Man of Steel film or even taking on the role of Superman himself. While DC Studios is working on a new Superman: Legacy film, no casting decisions have been set in stone as of yet. Since Sprayberry played a teenage Clark Kent in 2013’s Man of Steel, it only seems natural that he’d be a top choice for the role of a now slightly older Clark Kent, or even the Man of Steel himself in the present day to take Henry Cavill’s place.

While there has been some confusion on whether Henry Cavill would return to the role of Superman, rumors have been dispelled by James Gunn, stating that no contract was signed. And fans are right to be confused, because of Cavill’s participation in the now-canceled Man of Steel 2 that was previously in the works. Gunn has gone on record stating that Superman: Legacy is intended to be an entirely different project, and wants to take the franchise in a different direction, though there hasn’t yet been any mention of considering Dylan Sprayberry for the role either.

One thing we know for certain is that with Henry Cavill out of the picture, Dylan Sprayberry seems like the obvious candidate for the film. But Sprayberry doesn’t want to force anything, stating, “If it made sense to step back into playing a young Superman or a teenage Superman it could be very fun. And because I already did it, it would be very cool to continue the storyline.” Sprayberry goes on to mention that if given the opportunity, he’d also love to take a shot at playing Wolverine, another one of his childhood heroes.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Dylan Sprayberry familiarized himself with lycanthropy, as he spent six seasons cutting his teeth portraying Liam on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and generally seems enthusiastic about portraying the heroes he idolized when he was growing up. His enthusiasm for Man of Steel is no different. Sprayberry is also guarded in his decision to not take on the role of any superhero role that is offered to him, stating that he’s holding out for an opportunity to portray characters that he identifies with on an emotional level.

2013’s Man of Steel was the first installment of the DC Extended Universe, and featured a young Dylan Sprayberry portraying Clark Kent in early sequences. Sprayberry speaks very highly of all involved, including the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, as well as Director Zack Snyder. It’s only natural to assume that working on the set gave Sprayberry a crash course on all things Superman, and would of course be a perfect fit for a now older, wiser, and more seasoned actor.

The fact that Dylan Sprayberry is already familiar with portraying Clark Kent and already has a great rapport with the studio and staff would certainly make a massive undertaking such as Superman: Legacy operate that much more seamlessly rather than recruiting somebody else for the role. Casting Sprayberry as some iteration of Clark Kent or Superman is what we could consider to be the makings of a seamless transition. While we don’t know for certain who will be cast as Superman, we know the shoes, or in this case, cape, would fit Dylan Sprayberry perfectly.