Dwayne Johnson Has A Plan To Turn One Of His Movies Into A Trilogy?

By Hayden Mears | 3 months ago

Dwayne Johnson

It is difficult to find a film franchise of which Dwayne Johnson isn’t a part. From starring in the upcoming DC film Black Adam to reportedly appearing in Deadpool 3, the prolific actor has his hands in tons of wildly different projects.

Gossip writer Daniel Richtman brings word that Dwayne Johnson is wanting to turn Rampage into a trilogy. The first film wrapped things up nicely, but Hollywood’s tendency to make unnecessary sequels will likely win out here. Well, if this is true at all. Please keep in mind that this is merely a rumor at this point and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Rampage centers around primatologist Davis Okoye and his struggle to stop two gigantic mutated animals from leveling Chicago. Aiding him is the recently mutated gorilla George, who helps him kick monster butt and take monster names. It’s a shameless, unapologetically simple movie, one bogged down by a mediocre script and thin plotting, but it fared decently amongst critics and was a box office success, so how much crap can we really give it? Dwayne Johnson seemed to have a blast filming it, which is probably why he is reportedly so eager to make it into a franchise.

The Rock

Released in April 2018, the Dwayne Johnson-led Rampage went on to gross over $400 million worldwide against a budget of around $130 million. It was a monstrous success, with critics and audiences mostly taken by the acting and the action sequences.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Dwayne Johnson is able to persuade the studio to do not one, but two sequels to Rampage. Obviously, there are no details about the films or if they will even happen. The first movie had no business being as successful as it was, and Johnson seems to want to capitalize on that in a way that will probably be just as thrilling as we can imagine.

In addition to his roles in the upcoming Red Notice and Jungle Cruise movies, Dwayne Johnson is also set to star in the aforementioned Black Adam movie, as well produce a Big Trouble in Little China sequel. Now that is something worth seeing.

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I would not mind a Rampage sequel or two, but their existence would need to feel at least somewhat justified beyond being cash grabs for the studio. It is one of Dwayne Johnson’s most fun, most outrageous roles, which is saying something if you have seen some of the blockbusters in which he has starred. On his end, it seems to be more about passion than profit, which is encouraging. The guy can be in pretty much whatever he wants, so the fact that he is supposedly wanting to get sequels to this greenlit is telling.

If you have not seen Rampage yet but have an interest in watching it at some point, it is available on HBO Max and Hulu. You can also catch him in countless other memorable roles, including San Andreas, the Fast and the Furious franchise, The Game Plan, Baywatch, and Fighting with my Family.