Dwayne Johnson Wants To Use Time Travel In One Of His Biggest Franchises

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

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It’s been said that one of the things that has made the Jumanji sequels so excellent is that they don’t touch the 1995 original. Now, We Got This Covered has heard Dwayne Johnson wants to see a future movie in the franchise where the heroes travel through time and revisit the original film. Are fans ready to bring some nostalgia factor to the new movies? Or would it be better not to cross that line with fans of the original Robin Williams movie?

That seems entirely plausible at this point. It wouldn’t be all the surprising to be reporting on Dwayne Johnson’s seventh Jumanji movie five years from now. Maybe it won’t be video games by then, either. Maybe there will be all-new gameplay that somehow incorporates TikTok dances. While that specific idea sounds ridiculous, the movies have done a good job of staying current. They aren’t trying to get nostalgic fans to buy-in. If you haven’t seen the 1995 movie, you can watch Dwayne Johnson in this. If you didn’t see Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, you could still watch The Next Level. These are standalone movies that appeal to new audiences, and that makes them great.

Of course, this rumor may be met with many raised eyebrows. When it was first announced that Dwayne Johnson would be in a new Jumanji movie, the internet was not happy about it. A lot of reboots have happened over the past decade. The original movie with Robin Williams is beloved by many. Fortunately, the Dwayne Johnson films have been sequels, not reboots. On top of that, they’ve barely touched the original. Despite all the cries of protest when Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was first announced, the movie earned $962 million at the box office. Its follow up earned a steady $800 million. We’re happily waiting on the next movie and Johnson reportedly wants the franchise to go on for a long time.

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Does bringing in time travel that revisits the original movie put at risk what has made the new stories so great? Or has Jumanji earned the benefit of the doubt at this point? Currently, it’s believed that Jake Kasdan, the director for Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level will be sticking with the franchise. The cast, including Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillian, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart, are all still on board. With everything he has done so far, have they earned audiences’ trust enough to pull it off?

At this point, the time travel idea is just a rumor. It also doesn’t specify if they mean to approach time travel in the next Jumanji film or somewhere else down the line. While we wait for another movie in the franchise, the internet has been ripe with fun rumors. Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds have been becoming fast friends. We’re currently waiting on their upcoming Netflix thriller Red Notice. This has led to many rumors, including that Ryan Reynolds may appear in the next Jumanji movie, and that Dwayne Johnson may appear in Deadpool 3.

Will we be seeing time travel happen in the next movie? We’ll have to hear what director Jake Kasdan hears about that for more clues. What these rumors do tell us is that fans are still as interested in the next Jumanji movie as Dwayne Johnson seems to be.