Dwayne Johnson Just Dropped Huge News About His Superhero Movie

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

dwayne johnson black adam

Dwayne Johnson is set to join the superhero ranks in a new movie and we have found out the release date. Now, set aside that Dwayne Johnson has played a superhero in nearly every movie he’s been in. He’s shown the ability to fight off every manner of bad guy with nearly every manner of weapon. Heck, the guy is practically a superhero in real life. But now he’s getting an official moniker and the requisite spandex. Deadline is reporting that we have an idea of the actual box office release date with Johnson confirming July 29, 2022, as the release timeline for Black Adam. 

Dwayne Johnson mentioned this summer of 2022 release schedule during a promotional spot he was doing for Black Adam for TBS on Sunday during their NCAA March Madness basketball coverage. It had been assumed that this general release timeline was the plan for the movie which has seen some delays. But it’s good to get a specific date to mark on the calendar for what should be an absolute blockbuster of a film considering the DC Extended Universe timeline and the sheer magnitude of star power that is Dwayne Johnson. 

In addition to Dwayne Johnson jumping on TBS to talk briefly about the movie, there was a simultaneous cross-promotion in Times Square. The signature Black Adam lightning bolt started lighting up screens there. Johnson shared some of this on his Instagram account as part of building the hype machine around the character who is already being referred to as “the man in black”. Check out Johnson’s post. 

Black Adam will join the ranks of the DC Extended Universe and be part of the new push around characters and tone the studio and company have been seeking for some time now. With the first wave of Justice League characters being met with mixed results, including the culminating event of Zack Snyder’s Justice League going down a couple of weeks ago, the company has been moving in a slightly different and more comedic direction with its movies. Dwayne Johnson, in addition to his massive star presence, will be part of this and was supposed to have even had a spot in Shazam!, a much lighter movie than we’d seen from the studio. 

This next movie will have Dwayne Johnson as the titular hero and should be an origin story around a character who has played both sides of the fence in the DC comic book pages. Though a hero, there’s a darker side there and we could see a more anti-hero approach with this next film which could trend more on the graphic/ Deadpool side than other films in the universe. 

The story is setting up to introduce the Justice Society of America with Dwayne Johnson/ Black Adam possibly joining their ranks. That’s because the other casting news we have for the film has Aldrick Hodge as Hawkman, Quintessa Swindell as Cyclone, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, and the recently-announced Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate. It’s setting up to be an all-star lineup that sets the stage for other DC movies and stories. 

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And now we have the set date for the Black Adam film with Dwayne Johnson letting and promoting as much. It’s an exciting time and this film could wind up being the biggest one DC has ever put out.