See Dwayne Johnson’s New Superhero Energy Drink

By James Brizuela | Published

dwayne johnson journey 3

Dwayne Johnson is not only the biggest action star in the entire world, but the man is also a savvy businessman. He purchased the rights to the XFL, which is an offshoot professional football league. He also started a massive tequila company called Teremana. That is not the only drink in the movie star’s lineup, as he founded an energy drink called Zoa. Now, that same energy drink is introducing a new Black Adam-based series that is going to be drinkable for the lucky patrons at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. You can see the cans below:

We are not entirely sure if these cans are going to be given away, but Dwayne Johnson sure knows how to promote his brand. DC is gambling big on the man carrying the DC universe into something grand as he is set to debut as Black Adam on October 21st. There is going to be a panel dedicated to the film with the cast and crew likely showing off some new footage and having a Q&A about the film. Zachary Levi is almost meant to show up for a panel dedicated to Shazam! Fury of the Gods. With both men at Comic-Con, could we be seeing some footage of the men fighting on the big screen? Black Adam is the antithesis of Shazam after all. Maybe Levi and Johnson can slug some Zoa cans and go at it on stage. Ok, that one is not possible, but it would still sell tickets.

Another rumor and thing of note are that Henry Cavill is going to be appearing at Comic-Con as well, and there are growing reports that he is going to be part of a huge announcement that Man of Steel 2 is happening. The even bigger rumor is that Black Adam is supposed to lead to Superman returning somehow. It could be that Black Adam chooses the life of being an anti-hero and the Last Son of Krypton will not allow people to die on his watch. There seems to be a ton of DC content to be announced this weekend, and we are excited to hear about it all. Maybe there will be a Dwayne Johnson, Zachary Levi, and Henry Cavill huge cross announcement. Those Zoa cans do like quite good too, and maybe we might see some Zoa with Cavill and Levi on them?

San Diego Comic-Con starts today, and fans will want to keep their eyes and ears open from the DC side of things. The huge announcements usually happen on Friday and Saturday, but there might be some big ones today too. Also, go get some of those Dwayne Johnson Zoa energy drinks if you are planning to run around at the event and attend all these upcoming panels. Send us some too.

Dwayne Johnson is set to take on San Diego Comic-Con with full force, and he is bringing his energy drinks along with him. He is going to be part of the next phase of DC planned movies. They are finally getting away from the Synderverse continuity, and we are excited to see where the comic company goes.