Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Decision To Run For President Or Not

Dwayne Johnson has stated that he no longer wishes to be president, as he prefers to be a father.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Do you smell what Dwayne Johnson is cooking? Well, it certainly isn’t the presidency as the Southland Tales star has recently revealed that he will in fact not be going after a bid to serve as the leader of the United States. The Black Adam star sat down with CBS Sunday Morning (which you can see above) to break the news and let Americans down easy, pulling out all hope that The Rock could be our next president.

While he’s been thinking about the possibility of throwing his name into the presidential ring since 2017, Dwayne Johnson has decided that that time of his life has now passed and that there are more important things for him to spend his time doing. While he may have won countless amount of titles during his time in the ring, including the bragging rights to 10 world heavyweight championship wins, it’s his title of dad that makes Johnson the proudest today. Saying the possibility of a presidential run was “off the table,” Johnson said that he “[loves] being a daddy,” adding that it’s his biggest responsibility and foundation of happiness at this point in his life.

Dwayne Johnson

Although now the movie star’s net worth is booming, it wasn’t always this way and while he was climbing to the top, Dwayne Johnson reveals that he was absent from his daughter’s lives more than he likes to admit. Tying it in with the possibilities of a run for the presidency, Johnson says that he knows what it takes between the long hours of travel and incredibly packed schedules. Being fully aware of the commitment to hit the campaign trail for months at a time, Johnson is again respectfully pulling his name “off the table.”

While in recent years many Hollywood stars and beyond have run for roles in government, the San Andreas actor admits that he “[doesn’t] know the first things about politics,” adding that when it comes to policy, he doesn’t know much about that either. What Dwayne Johnson does care about are the American people and while he possesses a slew of solid “leadership qualities,” he’s well aware that those traits alone don’t make for a great president. But, as he reiterates several times throughout his interview, this doesn’t mean that Johnson cares any less about his country. 

While he may be stepping down from the political platform, Dwayne Johnson has several projects in the works that will be keeping him busy, but hopefully allow for the family time he’s been looking for. Of course, next fans will see Johnson step into the DCEU in the titular role of Black Adam which is coming out in just a few weeks. He’s also currently working on a holiday movie titled Red One that’s expected out sometime during 2023’s merry-making season.

There’s also the historical film The King and a San Andreas sequel moving toward production. Heading back into the action-adventure category, Dwayne Johnson will again be seen in the return of both the Jumanji franchise as well as a sequel in the Jungle Boat universe. While he may not be the president of the United States anytime soon, we’re happy to know that Dwayne Johnson has a multitude of plans to keep his face on the big (and small) screen for years to come.