Dwayne Johnson Has A Big Update About His Netflix Movie

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

Dwayne Johnson

What do we know about Red Notice so far? We know that it stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Gosling, and Gal Gadot. We know that Netflix paid a whole lot of money for this movie. We know something of the plot, the main characters, and that it’s going to be one of 2021’s most high-profile releases, even if the streaming service will only tell us that it’s coming out sometime this year with no official release date. Now, Dwayne Johnson, who not only stars in Red Notice but is a producer on the film, has given us an update on the production. And here, the most important details are easy not to notice. Let’s take a close look at this post from his Instagram.

See the post from Dwayne Johnson and his official Instagram account below.

The post starts off telling Dwayne Johnson’s fans a bit more about Red Notice and how Netflix has invested in this production, and so they take that seriously. While the movie has been underway for a while, he’s been on the set for two days. He reminded fans that Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson play an art thief, FBI tracker, and one of the world’s greatest conmen. And he promised that a release date for the movie is coming soon. If that made you think that the actual movie would be coming out soon, like perhaps sometime this summer, you’d be disappointed. While Dwayne Johnson says that the release date announcement is coming, he uses a hashtag here that gives away a big reveal. Notice the hashtag #Holidays2021 at the end of his post.

Previous updates from Dwayne Johnson and Netflix have said “later” in 2021, which hinted at sometime in the holiday season, but this makes it more clear that we’re likely looking at a November or December release date for Red Notice. Since the movie isn’t necessarily a holiday film, there was some hope that “later” in 2021 could still mean the fall, perhaps even a September release. However, such a big investment from Netflix does lean toward a holiday season release, even for an action-comedy movie like Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson. That time of year will see people at home more often and spending time with their families, sitting around the television and streaming movies. It’s a prime time to release such an anticipated release.

Dwayne Johnson plays the FBI tracker/profiler for the group in Red Notice. He’s been looking at Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds as targets for arrest, but once he finally meets up with the criminals, he’ll need to team up with them. Every once in a while, The Rock has let big promises drop for the film. Previously, Dwayne Johnson promised an epic chase scene will happen at some point in Red Notice. It’s been said that Netflix had a budget of $200 million for this movie, which sets records for the streaming service. It will be interesting to see where they put all of that budget when the movie finally releases. We’ll be watching for more from Dwayne Johnson, who will hopefully be announcing the official release date soon, as promised.