Dwayne Johnson Pushing To Take Over Pirates Of The Caribbean?

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago

Dwayne Johnson

If Dwayne Johnson wants to do something, nobody’s going to stop him. At this point, his reputation as an unstoppable force is enough to probably get him through most doors. Now, according to insider Daniel Richtman, The Rock wants to do his own Pirates of the Caribbean movie for Disney.

When you take a look at Dwayne Johnson’s previous and upcoming work, a Pirates of the Caribbean movie would likely fit in well with his movie choices. The star likes to be in action films, he’s been in a lot of family-friendly fare, and he’s teamed up with Disney several times. That should also make it easy for him to know who to contact. If Daniel Richtman’s rumor proves true, then Dwayne Johnson should have no problem getting a Disney executive on the phone to float this idea past. On top of that, Disney is currently revamping the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, so the timing would make sense.

At the moment, Disney has plans for a Pirates movie starring Margot Robbie. As the studio moves forward without Johnny Depp, opinions on the future of the franchise are mixed. Some people believe it can never work without him. Others believe it will be better. It’s understandable that fans are so divided at this point. Jack Sparrow made the early Pirates movies what they were. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson is an actor with a lot of star power. He’s come into franchises where people had mixed opinions about the movie he wanted to make before. Most notably, he made the Jumanji revamp that so many were doubtful could ever work. That family-friendly movie is exactly the kind of proof that he could make a Pirates of the Caribbean movie work.

Of course, whatever The Rock ended up doing for the franchise would have to work in well with the current plans for Margot Robbie’s film. It’s entirely possible that Disney will be wary of making a new movie starring Dwayne Johnson for the franchise, as it could steal attention from Margot Robbie’s, and vice versa. An expanded universe is a popular route these days though, so while this is a potential negative, it doesn’t necessarily close the door on the possibility of a Pirate series for The Rock.

Interestingly, the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie took an existing Disney ride and turned it into a film. This is the same approach the studio is taking with Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movie with Emily Blunt, Jungle Cruise. Working on that movie with the studio does feel like a natural lead-in to working on a new Pirates film.

While Dwayne Johnson continues to grow his relationship with Disney, he’s also building his body of work up with both Netflix and DC. At Netflix, we’re waiting on the release of Red Notice with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more from him on the streaming service in the future. With DC, we already know that The Rock is planning for the long term. Right now, he’s finally hard at work filming Black Adam. Just recently, he announced he’ll also be voicing Krypto, Superman’s dog, for an animated DC production. Whether Disney and Dwayne Johnson decide to move forward with a Pirates movie or not, we’ll definitely be seeing plenty of The Rock on screen in the coming years.