Dwayne Johnson Reveals Release Date For Netflix’s Biggest Movie Ever

By Faith McKay | 1 week ago

dwayne johnson

Three weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson promised that a release date for his upcoming Netflix action movie was on the way. Among the hashtags on that social media post was one that said #Holidays2021, giving us a rough idea of when to expect the movie he will co-star in with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds. Now, The Rock, who is also a producer on the film, has finally given us an actual release date we can put on the calendars.

You can see Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter announcement below, where he promises that Red Notice will be coming to global markets on Netflix on November 12, 2021.

Red Notice is promising to be a super fun action-adventure movie. Whenever Dwayne Johnson posts about it, he mentions that it centers on an FBI profiler, the world’s most wanted art thief, and a great conman. Johnson plays the FBI profiler, Gal Gadot is the art thief, and Ryan Reynolds the conman. After Johnson posted about the release date on Twitter, Reynolds also shared the news, but in a very different style. While The Rock focused on professional story details, Reynolds came in with predictable humor.

All three of the stars are taking on characters that feel familiar to audiences who know their past work. Without ever telling us that Ryan Reynolds will be funny as a conman, we know he will be. Dwayne Johnson as a profiler feels familiar. Gal Gadot in her red dress, stealing some of the world’s best art, is a step away from Wonder Woman, but not that far from being in Fast & Furious, and remains an action movie theme. It’ll be interesting to see if they give her many fight scenes as an art thief in a red dress, just because she’s Gal Gadot and we know she can, or if they’re going to stick to having her wine and dine people.

Initially, this movie went up for auction and Netflix was only the second-highest bidder. Universal should have gotten Red Notice, but they hesitated and Netflix managed to win in the end. Because Netflix buys out the back-end profits in their deals, they paid more for this movie upfront than a lot of companies might have, and it was their biggest deal to date. They were betting big on Red Notice, which makes sense with the attached stars and the fun-sounding premise. While we’ve only gotten the smallest of looks at this movie so far, Dwayne Johnson has hyped it a lot, and the deal for Netflix has gained a lot of attention. People will definitely be watching to see how this deal works out for the streamer.

The mid-November release for Netflix makes a lot of sense, considering how much they’ve bet on this movie. If this had been released from Universal and gone to theaters, it may have been a summer blockbuster. Releasing on November 12, 2021, it’s probably going to be a movie that people watch in their living rooms with their families during the following two months of the holiday season. With theater releases, box office success is heavily judged by opening weekends, and then eventually the full release schedule. A Netflix film is judged by how many accounts stream the movie during the first 28 days. Releasing in mid-November may give them the best numbers possible for Red Notice, which may be their biggest success yet. At least, Netflix is hoping.