Dwayne Johnson’s New DC Superhero Movie Revealed In First Trailer

By Faith McKay | 1 week ago

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Did you know that Superman has a dog? His name is Krypto and he’s appeared in the comics and animated Superman series in the past. He comes from Krypton, so he’s an alien dog with superpowers and one of the characters from DC comics that absolutely needs his own movie. Apparently, Dwayne Johnson agrees. He’s voicing the character for DC League of Super-Pets, and now, we have our first look at him in a brand new teaser trailer.

Watch the Dwayne Johnson teaser below.

Did you catch all of those names? Once again, Dwayne Johnson is teaming up with his friend Kevin Hart. They’re being joined by Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, and Keanu Reeves. That’s definitely a cast list worthy of notice. It seems like DC is all in on this new movie following the Legion of Super-Pets.

Krypto has been a source of discussion for DC in recent years. It was previously rumored that filmmaker James Gunn had an interest in a Krypto movie. During the period of time where James Gunn was fired from Marvel, he was talking to DC about projects. While they hired him for The Suicide Squad, future possibilities were discussed. Reportedly, one of those may have been a Krypto movie. This would make sense, as Gunn has always been very public about his love of dogs. Hopefully, he’ll be excited to see that Dwayne Johnson has taken on the responsibility of bringing Krypto to life.

Krypto has been in the comics since 1955, so this is no newcomer to DC Comics. The dog has heat vision, can fly, and does an excellent job keeping up with Superman. While he recently appeared in the television series Titans, he’s still not particularly well-known to DC fans. Dwayne Johnson is promising to change all of that for us.

Krypto DC Comics

Dwayne Johnson announced that he’d joined the DC League of Super-Pets cast only a few weeks ago. Currently, he’s busy filming Black Adam for DC, a live-action movie that sees him as the famous antihero from the comics. This new project as Superman’s dog is a fun expansion of that relationship. Not only is Dwayne Johnson starring in the DC animated movie, his production company has also signed on to produce. This is a common way that The Rock has handled his career in recent years. For example, he signed on to both act and produce for Red Notice, an upcoming movie from Netflix. The bigger his career grows, the more we’re seeing him establish these strong connections with companies like DC, Netflix, and Disney. It seems to be working well for him, as Dwayne Johnson is constantly announcing new exciting projects he’s attached to.

With a release date less than a year away, Dwayne Johnson and the rest of the cast will likely begin production for DC League of Super-Pets sometime soon. While voice-work seems easier to fit into an actor’s schedule, it still must be difficult to get all of these big names into the studio for the movie.

We have a while to wait yet before DC League of Super-Pets releases in theaters. You’ll be able to see Dwayne Johnson as Krypto on May 20, 2022.