Dwayne Johnson Wants To Make A Kingdom Come Movie?

By James Brizuela | 12 seconds ago

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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you would know that Dwayne Johnson is essentially the biggest action movie star in the world currently. Even when films don’t necessarily have an initial action aesthetic, Johnson comes and makes it so. We’re looking at you, Jungle Cruise. Now, in an exclusive interview with Johnson’s production company (Seven Bucks) president, Hiram Garcia, he has revealed that a huge passion project for the team would be to make a series of Kingdom Come films.

It’s easy to see why Dwayne Johnson and company would want to make this movie. Kingdom Come is a wild DC comic arc that was written by legendary Marvel writers, Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Yeah, talk about a crossover. The world is in, complete and utter chaos, as “metahumans” begin to show up and create new superheroes that have a proclivity for violence. Old superheroes and new superheroes begin to fight with one another. This reignites the rivalry between Batman and Superman. Both have their reasoning behind what they think “justice” should look like, only furthering and damaging the world. The storyline is quite compelling and how and why Dwayne Johnson would be involved would be left up to interpretation. He is going to be playing Black Adam after all.

According to Hiram Garcia, Kingdom Come “it’s just pie in the sky, you’d love to be able to tell the story.” That’s to say is that he believes that comic series to be out of their reach right now, but the production company and presumably Dwayne Johnson would love to be involved with turning that story into a “multi-film saga.” That is something that would ultimately be left up to the DCEU and as it stands right now, there is likely no room for such a feat. They have their hands full with continuing the storylines for all of the current Justice League heroes.

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Dwayne Johnson has to ultimately appear as Black Adam first. The world got a small glimpse of how terrifying he is going to be during the DC Fandome event that happened in October. A small clip showed the complete ferocity that exists within the power of Black Adam. Johnson is so buff that he reportedly asked for all the padding in his suit to be taken out so that his natural muscles would fill in what a superhero is supposed to look like. Well played.

Black Adam isn’t mentioned or even appears in the Kingdom Come arc, but if that story is to be made into a film or series of films by his Seven Bucks production company, there could definitely be some rewrites. Especially considering that Black Adam might be DC’s newest big baddie or least anti-hero, that the rest of the Justice League has to deal with. If that small clip from DC Fandome is any indication of that, Superman and the rest of the team will have their hands full. Dwayne Johnson looks to be every bit involved with how evil he is going to be.

Black Adam currently has a July 29, 2022 release date, and the world is more than curious about how Dwayne Johnson will be portraying such a powerful villain, especially considering he might have to fight Henry Cavill’s Superman. That is the hope at least.