Dwayne Johnson Switching To Making Kids Movies?

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

dwayne johnson tooth fairy

What kind of movies do you like to see Dwayne Johnson in? If Disney has their way, you may be seeing him in a lot more family-friendly adventure films. At least, according to insider Daniel Richtman. The gossip writer has heard from his sources that Disney is in talks with Johnson to create adventure films the whole family can enjoy.

It makes sense that Disney would want to collaborate with Dwayne Johnson on future projects. He’s created a great deal of success for Sony with his work as an actor and producer on the Jumanji franchise. Johnson has a lot of star power these days. If he is interested in working on more family-friendly adventures, Disney could be a strong partnership for him.

When Dwayne Johnson was only known as The Rock from the WWE, you would have been hard-pressed to convince someone that he could have built the career he has. While there have been other wrestlers who’ve developed acting careers in Hollywood, Johnson’s brand is unique. He’s an actor known for starring in action franchises like Fast & Furious. Before this, he was in a lot of darker action movies. Those films were less popular than the Fast & Furious movies and were often considered fairly forgettable. While he was working on those darker action movies and breaking into action franchises, he was also making kids movies like The Game Plan and The Tooth Fairy.

Dwayne Johnson disney

These weren’t huge successes and aren’t what we know Dwayne Johnson for today. They do show how his brand has evolved though. How he’s come to be the actor we know in broad family-friendly movies who smiles out at us from the big screen. The WWE wrestler may have been an easier sell for gritty films, but only if you missed the charm of that big grin back when he was wearing fanny packs all the time. With his public persona, it makes perfect sense for him to be a leading character in Disney’s Moana and the Jumanji films. He has a brand that allows him to do action movies with ex-con characters and then star in your family-friendly fare. This is a balance not many could pull off, but Dwayne Johnson does, and we love him for it. 

Possibly, we love him enough that he may just run for president. It’s an idea that’s been floating around the internet for years. When asked about it recently, Dwayne Johnson, with all his charm, coyly answered that he would if it was what the people wanted. It seems the actor, producer, and business owner wants to leave any and all doors open for the future of his career.

While he has a lot of movies coming, Dwayne Johnson is also currently about to see the first episodes of his new television series air. Young Rock on NBC is the story of his young life. The series is a sitcom he has created in collaboration with Nahnatchka Khan. Young Rock is another work that is promised to appeal to all members of the family. The Rock took to Twitter to share his excitement over the first episode. 

Does it seem likely that Disney could be talking to Dwayne Johnson about starring in more family-friendly adventure films? His plate is fairly full, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping him from taking on a lot more work every chance he gets. It also makes perfect sense that Disney would want to partner with an actor and producer who’s proven to be so successful. We’ll have to watch for more announcements from either Disney or Johnson to know more in the coming months.